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Tom Antion: Closing A Speech

The last thing you say may be the most remembered. You must put
as much time into selecting and practicing your closing as you
put into any other part of your presentation.

Your closing could be motivational, challenging, humorous,
thoughtful, respectful of the length of the presentation, or it
could restate your point in a different way. This ending segment
will have a strong influence on what the audience takes home with
them when you are done.

Please, at sometime during your talk ask the audience to do
something. Many a great NO ZZZZZs talk went no further than the
walls of the meeting room because the audience wasn’t moved to
action. If you haven’t ask them to do something by now, the
closing is your last chance.

If the subject is appropriate, I happen to be fond of humorous
closings for several reasons. If you leave them laughing and
applauding, you will exit, but an extremely positive impression
about you will remain.

Another good reason to leave them laughing is that the room will
not be deadly silent as you are walking back to your seat. I hate
when that happens. I do love laughter and feeling good; finishing
a talk humorously gives me and the audience an opportunity to
feel great.

Talks that are for entertainment purposes only should
generally leave the audience laughing. Finally, if the subject is
not appropriate to end with laughter,. you could end with a
touching story or quotation that leaves the audience thoughtful
and quiet. Even the most serious subjects can benefit from humor,
but the humor should be sprinkled throughout the body of the
presentation. Don’t put it at the end because closings are
powerful and the audience will think your overall attitude toward
the subject is flippant.

This same technique can be very effective in ending a mostly
humorous presentation. Have them laughing all along while you
make your points. Then finish seriously. This contrast will
create a great impact. It will convey the fact that you believe
in a lighthearted approach to the subject, but the results are
very serious to you. A great resource for closings and lots of
other good material is the book, “How to Be the Life of the
Podium: Openers, Closers & Everything in Between to Keep Them
Listening” by Sylvia Simmons.

Here’s a guaranteed (but cheap and sleazy) way to get a standing
ovation. All you have to do is have the audience stand and
applaud themselves. It goes like this:

“I don’t want any applause, not that I was going to get any
anyway, but what I would like is for everyone to stand up [have
everyone stand up and wait until they are standing before you
continue]. Now give me a really great round of applause for the
folks who made this meeting possible and for yourselves, the
members of this great organization. Thank you. I’m Tom Antion.
(This doesn’t mean I’m cheap and sleazy does it?)

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Tom Antion: Spread Your Content

The business model for a content website is that the site owners
gather as much content as they can on a particular topic. They
then try to attract as many people as possible who are interested
in that topic. The more people that visit the site, the more the
advertising on the site is worth. You can tap into this large
volume of website visitors for free.

Let’s say a site is totally about automobiles. They have all the
new models listed along with articles on leasing, finance,
insurance, how to buy a used car etc. Guess where they get all
these articles. Of course, from subject matter experts like you.
You generally don’t get paid for the articles (it’s possible you
could), but you get paid by your bio line and link back to your

This is good in several ways. First, a link from a very high
traffic site is worth more to you than a link from a low traffic
site. The link alone helps your search engine rankings because of
“link popularity.” Second, the article you write has high
credibility for appearing on a large respected site. This means
that people that click over to your site are already predisposed
to like what you have to say and believe you are credible before
they ever pick up the phone to call.

You only need to land a few of these deals to add a tremendous
number of website visitors to your site . . .  all of whom could
spend money with you in one way or the other.

To get your content listed, search the Internet for sites that
are related to your topic area. They don’t have to be “exactly”
related. For instance, customer service experts would be welcome
on any business related site either small or large.

Email, write, call, fax or do anything it takes to get through to
the powers that be at the website of interest. Persistence pays
off in this game. Offer your credentials and sample articles and
you just might be their next featured columnist . . .  and that
means millions of potentials leads for your business.

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Tom Antion: Last Minute Practice


If you happen to be staying in a hotel in a room next to mine,
it is very likely you would hear parts of my upcoming speech
bellowing through the walls.

Even after the enormous number of presentations I’ve done I still
practice my stories and various bits of material the night before
my event. I heard Zig Ziglar saying that he does the same thing.

Unless you are speaking every day, it is almost impossible to
stay razor sharp with your delivery. Being a keynote / large
event speaker, I may go 90 – 120 days between times when I tell
certain stories on stage. The last thing I want to do is flub up
a line or bumble through a piece of material because I hadn’t
thought about it for a couple months.

Don’t get cockey! Practice your material several times right
before you do your speech and you’ll have a much greater chance
that each word will come out perfectly.

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Tom Antion: More Speaker Humor

=> Here is a speaker who is going places . . . and the
   sooner the better.

=> Our next speaker is going to speak his / her mind
   . . . so here to say three words is  . . .

DEFINITIONS A to H: (From “The Devils Dictionary” by
Ambrose Bierce)

=> Abscond: To move in a “mysterious way” usually with the
   belongings of another.

=> Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group discussing why
   a deadline was missed or a project failed, and  who
   was responsible. (not from Devils dictionary)

=> Bore: A person who talks when they should be listening
   . . . to you.

=> Conservative: One who is enamored with existing evils
   as distinguished from a liberal who wishes to replace
   them with others.

=> Consult: To seek another persons approval for a course
   already decided upon.

=> Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining individual
   profit without individual responsibility.

=> Deja moo:  The feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.
  (not from Devils Dictionary)

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Tom Antion: Ebay Marketing

I’m always exploring interesting online ways to enhance my
business. About a month ago I started selling my “Wake ’em Up
Book” on Ebay.

It took about an hour to figure out how to do it and to download
and install the “Ebay Basic Assistant.” This is a piece of
software that helps you create and upload nice looking auctions.
It costs $4.99 per month for the software and the continual
upgrades they send. This little piece of software makes it easy
for me to upload the same auction over and over again in about 60

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why Tom Antion, — Mr. Big Shot
Speaker Dude, — would be fooling around with Ebay. The reason is
that I understand the lifetime value of a customer. I’ve been
putting up two to four auctions a week in just one category. You
can go ahead and search ebay on the term “public speaking” and
see the book. When someone buys, I get a new customer that is a
very likely candidate to buy more from me once they get the book
and find out that I know what I’m talking about.

I really have to laugh sometimes. The book costs $24.95 retail
and costs me about 50 cents to advertise on Ebay. One person
bought for $23.00 in a bidding war. I couldn’t believe it.
Another person got one for $3.00 because no one else had bid. The
prices have ranged from Zero (no bids) to the $23.00 mentioned
above. The cost of acquiring these customer is extremely low and
with my overall product mix any one of them could spend thousands
of dollars.

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Tom Antion: A Sound, Sound System

If it is hard to hear, people will not listen. As a humorous
presenter you must have an excellent sound system because some of
the time you will be talking while your audience is laughing.
Stand-up comics need good sound too, but they are a little
different because they tell a joke, then people laugh (they
hope). They tell another joke, then people laugh. A humorous
presenter will be rolling right along making points, showing
product features, telling stories, and dropping one liners and
must be heard all the while.

A humorous presentation demands a better sound system than a
serious talk. In a serious talk, words can be missed and the main
message can still be very clear. In humor it does not work that
way. If key words are missed in a joke or story, it will ruin the
humor. No one will laugh and you will look like a giant goober.

The need for a thorough sound check is another good reason to be
in the room early. You need to check the microphone to make sure
it works. You need to check to see how far your mouth should be
from the microphone. You need to know how loudly you should talk.
Realize that during your check the audio level should be very
loud. People will absorb the sound once they get into the room.

Make sure the sound system is carrying to all parts of the room.
If someone speaks prior to you, try to go to the back of the room
to see how he or she is coming across. If you have someone at the
presentation with you, have them signal from the back of the room
if changes are needed after you have started.

If the amplifier controls are not handy after you have started,
you can adjust the sound by changing the distance between your
mouth and the microphone and/or increasing or decreasing the
loudness of your voice. Try not to use the latter method too
often so you do not strain your vocal mechanism.

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Tom Antion: Blogging Resource List

Here’s your resource list for Tom Antion’s blogging CD

Blog Software and services

=============== One click bookmarks


Article on TrackBack for beginners


NewsReaders I just started using. Large list of news


Tom Antion: Funny Headlines

Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says

Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers

Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted

Drunk Gets Nine Months in Violin Case

Survivor of Siamese Twins Joins Parents

Farmer Bill Dies in House

Iraqi Head Seeks Arms

Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?

Stud Tires Out

Prostitutes Appeal to Pope

Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over

Soviet Virgin Lands Short of Goal Again

British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands

Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms

Eye Drops off Shelf

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Book Review

“The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations” by Larry Tracy

I’m amazed by Larry Tracy. Larry was an accomplished speaker before I even started. He has the uncanny ability to meet you, learn a few things about you and give a PERFECT introduction as if he’d known you for years.

Larry has endorsements from President Ronald Reagan (the great communicator), Ambassadors and hundreds of other top government, military and political figures.

His book has a very interesting section called “Murder Boards”. This is a group of people that hit you with every hard question in the book BEFORE you do your actual presentation. . . . Talk about high level preparation.

One of Larry’s jobs was to explain government policy to some of the most demanding and hostile audiences in the country. He did this over 400 times. If you do what’s in this book, I don’t believe there is anything that could shake you up on stage.

Larry gives exact details on how to deal with difficult audiences and even how to lure debaters into saying things that undermine themselves to their supporters.

I also loved Larry’s explanation of “Primacy” and “Recency”. He totally made me realize how important openings and closings are.

You can’t go wrong with this book.

Tom Antion

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Tom Antion: Web Based Finance Option

More and more speakers are getting smart and realizing that
selling their products leads to more speaking engagements.
are also realizing that bundling products together allows them to
get a much higher sale per person and it also means that the
speaker can gain revenue from sources that would never hire that
speaker to speak.

This article is going to focus on a very specific way to sell
larger ticket or bundles of products either to consumers or to
small companies AND automate it on the Web.

All of you hot shot corporate speakers out there that pooh, pooh
this idea because you’re used to selling big packages at full
price to corporations better take heed if you want to keep your
overall revenues up in the face of corporate belt tightening.

There is an enormous additional revenue source out there just
waiting to be tapped if you take your knowledge and package it in
a fashion that is both affordable and relevant to small companies
or individuals.


=> You advertise your product bundle on the web with a good long
copy page.

=> You put an exit pop up box on the page that only pops up if
the person does NOT click the order button.

=> The pop up box contains compelling copy to allow you to
finance the purchase.

=> You set your shopping cart to take the original down payment
and to automatically bill the credit card in regular payments to
complete the purchase. If your shopping cart won’t do this, then
I ask you why not? Mine can and it can do lots more other cool
things too

=> You spend all the extra money you made FROM PEOPLE WHO WERE
LEAVING YOUR SITE. This is an important point. The person who
took advantage of this had already decided NOT to purchase and
you converted him/her to a sale.

If you want to see this in action, visit  Look around and then
leave the page. You’ll see the exact technique I’m talking about.
I got an additional $697.00 sale on only the 17th person who had
decided not to buy.
oh by the way. While you are looking around go ahead and purchase
the video while you are there 🙂

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