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Tom Antion: Website Improvements

A few months ago I recorded a teleclass Called “Improve Your Website: 60 Tips In 60 Minutes.”  When I critique a website there are dozens of things that with a few tweaks, can greatly improve sales or conversions. For the most part these changes only take a few minutes to do. Here are  just a few from the call:

* Title Bars:  It is critical that you include keywords in your title bars. This is the first place that search engines look for keywords when they visit your page. Put 3 main keywords separated by commas on each page of your site.  Make the keywords match the content of each page.

* White Space:  too many webpages are covered with so many graphics and run on copy that it tires the eyes. Balance your page design to make it very user friendly and easy to look at.

* Usability:  the navigation on your website should be simple and easy to understand. Too many links and drop down windows will confuse your visitor. Make sure that when they do navigate around that they can easily get back to where they came from.

Simple changes of design and usability can dramatically increase sales.

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Tom Antion: High Visibility

This book is slightly on the academic side, but the examples of how people have built their images are stellar. I have used the techniques in this book to carefully control and build my image and celebrity status in a controllable fashion. (That means controlling the amount of publicity and celebrity status so that I don’t overwhelm my infrastructure) Example: If I got too big too fast my sales and customer service may fall off terribly which would hurt my reputation.

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Tom Antion: Syndicating Your Articles

How would you like to have your articles regularly read on
thousands of Internet sites? Of course you would love it. In the
recent past you would have little chance to make that happen
easily. Here’s why.

You would have to contact the sites to make the deal and then
email them an article each week or at any interval you decide
upon. Then you would have to hope that each site put the updates
on their sites in a timely fashion . . . ha! Fat chance of
that happening. Making the deal in the first place would be hard
enough because most people that have websites depend upon
webmasters to make changes . . . again ha! try getting the
average webmaster to respond quickly and regularly. Even if the
site owner updated their own site, you are talking about lots of
work doing regular updates . . . UNTIL NOW!

Enter an inexpensive piece of software called the “Master
Syndicator” For about $150.00 you
can have this software installed. You write your articles and put
them in the supplied web page. Instantly all the sites that have
accepted your articles are updated. The sites that use your
articles have zero work other than to put one line of code in
their website just one time. After that, there is no maintenance.

Just think of the power this brings to your desktop at home. Each
deal you make with another website means that all their visitors
are being exposed to your ideas, products and services on a
regular basis which means money in your bank account . . . lots
of money if you play your cards right. You are also providing
fresh content for the sites hosting your articles. Everyone wins.
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Tom Antion: Google Alerts

Google provides a great service to stay informed on news and posts based on keywords. It is called Google Alerts and the service is free.

You can be alerted daily via email about any subject you wish determined by Google keyword searches. If you want to be alerted to news about “public speaking” you’ll get blog posts, news feeds, headlines in webpages and new video uploads. Pretty much any kind information you can use for bookmarking, blog posts of your own or even getting alerts about your name or business to see who’s talking about you!

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Tom Antion: Starting A Mentor Program Part 1

As usual I almost always do something myself before I try to teach it to someone else and this topic is no exception. I’ve had my mentor program for several years so I now have some experience to tell you about. And yes, even though this is not a physical product, it is a product.


What are the benefits to you?

· Mentor programs are a way to help more people in a cost effective manner, my consulting fee is nothing to sneeze at. This allows me to attract more participants to the program because it’s a bigger bang for the buck

· It’s an additional Revenue Stream for your business.

· You can multiply yourself. When you are on the phone with many people your knowledge is being sold at a cheaper rate, but in more volume. Similar to doing a speech with potential customers in the crowd.

· You create better results for people because you are with them over time. This in turn will create an ever expanding group of people who will promote you more enthusiastically and credibly because they actually got good results.

· A mentor program provides a group of people under your control for back end product sales — They are a more qualified and ready group for back end product sales and recommendations. (You better be darn careful not to recommend something that is junk or you will lose their loyalty.)

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Tom Antion: Evalution Funnies

You can have great fun by telling people what to write on their
evaluation sheets. Of course you have to make sure that the
people reading them have a good sense of humor. If they do, here
are some ideas:

Patricia Fripp tells the audience, “If you like me, write on your
evaluation sheet, ‘bring her back and pay her double.'”

I’ve had them write all kinds of bizarre stuff like:

“I didn’t like his green spiked hair.” (I’m obviously corporate
looking with short black hair)

“You give me great hope that I can also be a speaker because you
are obviously illiterate.”

“There are three things I liked about today’s speaker . . . I
just can’t think of any of them right now.”

Think up a bunch of your own and have fun when evaluation time

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Tom Antion: More Great Speaking Humor

=> Adam and Eve had an ideal marriage. He didn’t have to hear
   about all the men she could have married, and she didn’t have
   to hear about the way his mother cooked.

=> Maybe he/she doesn’t “act stupid”; it might be the real thing

=> Why is it that if someone tells you that there are 1 billion
   stars in the universe you will believe them, but if they
   tell you a wall has wet paint you will have to touch it to be

=> When someone asks you, “A penny for your thoughts,” and you
   put your two cents in, what happens to the other penny?

=> The trouble with reality is there’s no background music.

=> Do not make fun of the humor impaired, they won’t understand!

=> My idea of a happy meal is one I don’t have to cook.

=> He is a man of rare gifts . . . he hasn’t given any in years.

=> I’m a woman of the world . . . and you know what shape the
world is in.

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Tom Antion: 5 Tips To Make ‘Em Love You

=> Be down to earth. Nobody likes the aloof talking head.

=> Phone as many attendees as you can before the program and ask
their opinions. Use the information to make them the stars.

=> Mingle with attendees before the program and make small talk
like telling them Tom is single. The personal connection goes a
long way.

=> Thoroughly research the problems of the group and bring
immediately usable solutions. They can’t help but like you when
you help them out.

=> Stay as long as you can after the program. If you can arrange
it, don’t run out the door and leave them cold. If you have to
leave, offer email follow up for any unanswered questions.

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Tom Antion: Exaggeration

Expanding or diminishing proportions can be a fun way to create humor.
It’s similar to a caricature artist that outrageously exaggerates the
features of an individual, while still keeping the person recognizable.

I did a talk one time for Secretaries Day at a large insurance company.
I was making a point about how hectic it always was for the secretaries.
It went like this, “You’re answering the telephone, the fax machine is
ringing, you’re making copies, and you’re filing every policy clear back
to 1910.” The secretaries could relate to each item mentioned. They
obviously did lots of filing, but certainly not as far back as 1910.
Exaggerating this date was funny to them and drove home the point that
they always had lots of work piled up.

The key to using exaggeration is to inflate or deflate whatever you are
talking about so much that it is obviously an exaggeration. In the last
example you wouldn’t want to use the year 1999 if you were doing the talk
in 2000 because it is very likely that an insurance company would really
be working on a file for a year or more. That’s not funny.

Of course, who am I to tell you what is funny. I spent two terms in the
third grade . . . Truman’s and Eisenhower’s. hahahahahahaa

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Tom Antion: Facebook Pages

You can use Facebook to promote your business, band or products using what they call a “fan page.”  Your normal personal profile is not the proper place to heavily promote your business, in fact using a brand name for your personal profile name or uploading a logo for your profile picture can get your account banned. You can leave plenty of info about your business and website links in your “info” section of your profile, but fan pages are the best way to tell the world about your business.

When you first go to the Facebook login page, below the login box in the right hand section of the page is a link to “create a page.” This is where you can create your fan page. It will ask you to pick a topic such as a band, celebrity or business. The fan page sets up just like your profile. All you have to do is fill in the information. Be sure to include lots of images, videos and clickable links to the fan page to promote your business.

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