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Tom Antion: Twittering To Success

Twitter is taking the social networking world by storm. Savvy Internet marketers are using it spread the word of their products and services virally around the globe. But do you know that 60% of people who signed up for Twitter never even posted a single tweet? That’s because folks are unsure of how to use the microblog service to their advantage or can’t seem to justify the time it takes to tweet.

Just because you’re unsure how to use a particular system doesn’t mean that it is a waste of time. The proper training makes all the difference in the success of your marketing efforts. Internet marketing tools come and go with lightening fast speed. You need to know which tools truly are a waste of time and which ones could really help your online efforts. A lot of marketers are making a fortune on Twitter because they took the time to find out how to make it work for them.

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For ages and ages and ages speakers have tried to make some kind
of joke at the beginning of a presentation. Then they typically
bored you to tears for the balance of the talk. How about trying
something different?

In many cases, what I do is to jump into the material hard and
fast. This makes the crowd think that I’m a no nonsense kind of
guy (which couldn’t be further from the truth).

What I’m trying to do is lead them down one path and then
surprise the heck out of them when I start being funny. After I
start being funny, I intersperse humor with the regular material
and time intervals determined by the nature of the material and
the reason I’m there.

If I’m there to be funny, then there might be funny lines several
times per minute. If I’m there for my Internet marketing seminar,
then we might go 10 or 15 minutes between funny lines.

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Tom Antion: Seating Tips

=> People prefer to sit by aisles. Avoid chairs next to walls.
Audience members will feel trapped.

=> Aisles should get bigger as they get nearer the exits because
they must accommodate more people.

=> Seat for least distraction and best focus on presentation.
Turn off wall sconces behind the presentation. Set away from open
windows, clocks, and entry doors.

=> Even after you have pre-set the seats perfectly, suggest to
audience members, that they adjust their seating slightly for

=> Encourage seating in the front of the room by cordoning off
back rows with masking tape, rope, or string, or placing reserved
signs on back tables.

=> Avoid reserving seats through tipping chairs up against
tables. The jutting legs tend to bruise shin bones and trip
audience members.

Trick: Only put out 50-75 percent of the chairs for the expected
number of participants and you will almost always have a packed
house. Stack the rest of the chairs in the back corner of the
room for easy access if needed.

Trick: When you have a choice, opt for a smaller room. This again
gives you a better chance for a packed house.

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Tom Antion: Lying

Lying can be fun and a great learning experience too. One time I
created a program based on the Jim Carey movie “Liar, Liar.”

My job was to lie my way through the program. I designed the
program so that my lies coincided with learning points that the
sales people were already responsible for. The first person that
caught me in each lie won a prize.

I can’t really explain all the laughter that occurred, but there
was lots of it. People were jumping up out of their chairs trying
to be the first to catch me. They were running up and grabbing
the prizes out of the winners hands (good naturedly of course).
They were screaming FOUL if my lie was too close to the truth
which made it a half lie or half truth whichever way you looked
at it. It was a blast!

The method was also applauded by the sales manager who never
dreamed that all this new information could be emphasized in such
a fun manner. The sales people really came away with a great
learning experience which was far better than simply quizzing
them on the material.

I used lying in a different way during speeches I gave as an
impostor. I was introduced as some big guru from Europe and made
up a bunch of ridiculous stuff that again coincided with
information the audience should know. The difference in these
cases was that no one told the audience it was a joke. You could
just see the cogs in their heads turning as I told them things
completely opposite of what they knew to be true.

Oh, one note of caution. If you are like me and have the
imagination to get really bizarre with your comments, make sure
one gets out of the room thinking you were for real. Believe it
or not, their are people out there so gullible or oblivious that
they don’t even realize you are pulling a joke.

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I ran across two really awesome training tools and I put them
into use immediately for fun and profit. I’m taking about
moving screen capture devices. One is called Lotus Screen
Cam which I’ll save for another day and the other is called

I decided I was going to create a few videos (I’m talking
computer screen videos here) of the types of things I do on
my website and with this Ezine and with the search engines etc.
I downloaded the free 30 day trial version of Camtasia and
started making videos of what was appearing on my computer
screen. I was also doing narration into a microphone and the
entire thing was being recorded. This only took me a few
minutes to get going. I recorded about 30 seconds and then
decided to see how large the file was because I heard that
file sizes can get out of hand with audio and video.  I had
used up 5 MEGABYTES IN 30 SECONDS  This was way too much to
be reasonable so I called up Techsmith and spoke to a very
competent gentlemen in tech support named Mark Brembeck. Mark
showed me a few tweaks to the system and we got the file sizes
down to a very reasonable 1 Megabyte per minute.

You do have to jump thru a few small hoops and download their
compression technology, but that was no big deal. You have to
download and install the player for Lotus Screen Cam (their
competitor) too.

So what does this have to do with marketing? You can easily
make CDs and videos that lead someone on a narrated tour of
your website. You can make salable products and you can get
your training message across much easier than trying to tell
people where to click. You can actually show them in the form
of a video.

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