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Learn to use cheap or no paycheck interns to skyrocket your public speaking business
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Julie Braun and Michelle Demers have worked with over a 1,000 interns in
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If you are like the typical small business owner, who is burnt
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ANYONE can use interns to grow their business whether you are a
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The good news is, if you don’t yet have interns, it’s NEVER TOO
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If you are a new small business, or one that is struggling, why
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You can be doing better, growing faster, making more money, and
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July 29th 9:00 PM Eastern time

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Tips for one-on-one or small boardroom presentations
 Arrive slightly early to conduct up-to-the-minute research.
 Make friends with the receptionists and/or secretaries. These people will
pave the way to your success when it comes to access to the decision makers.
 Pick up and/or read prospect related info from the waiting area (you should
try to get this stuff in advance).
 Notice the decor or any sign of humor or lightheartedness so you can refer to
it if the prospect appears to be unhurried and friendly.
 Stand-up during your presentation. According to the University of Minnesota
study mentioned in Chapter 10, your customers will be willing to pay 26
percent more money for your exact same product or service when you do a
stand-up presentation using visuals. You can always find an excuse to stand.
You might write on a white board or flipchart, etc. If you sit and the prospect
happens to stand, you will be in a very weak position.
 Control the environment as best you can to avoid barriers between you and
the client or attention busters like windows, doors, etc.
 Try to make connections with what you learned from the lobby.
 Pay close attention to the demeanor of the prospect and try to match it.

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Tom Antion: Making Online Money At Home


I’ve been selling on the Internet since the commercial Internet started
around 1994. This is a wonderful business that could be run from a
laptop in a motor home or even from a cruise ship if you wanted to.
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Listen to Television and Film star Glenn Morshower talking about going the Extra Mile.

Barbara DeAngelis 4 time #1 NY Times BestSelling Author will talk about Transforming y…our life.

Rockstar Manager Craig Duswalt will teach you sound business principles that will make you a Rockstar in your niche and that’s right, I, Tom Antion will be talking about entrepreneurism and how you can have an awesome lifestyle.

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Tom Antion: Explaining Google TV

TV is still the broadest medium to reach people, even larger than the internet. However, more and more people are turning to their computers to watch the shows and movies that they want, when they want. A lot of people love TV; it’s comforting, it’s there when you need it. For some, it’s become a habit to turn it on when you get home. A lot of people love the Internet, it’s also there when you need it, in most cases it gives you what you want you want it. Yet, computer’s aren’t very comforting compared to TV. Google is planning on changing that by combining TV with the Internet. I’m not going to get into all of the details, if you want that, please watch this 2 minute video to get a better idea of what they are planning:

Imagine if you could produce your own videos for your business, and when somebody types in certain keywords on their Google TV, your video shows up. You are now a presence on the internet and on television. Instead of writing blogs, you make Vlogs, or Video Blogs, that people subscribe to and they can watch whenever they want. They can learn about your product or services by watching the TV, and then on the same device, go to your site and buy it. Google hasn’t mentioned how it’s going to handle ads yet but it probably will have some way of placing ads on TV shows, movies, and sports events. You could then write articles or create videos in reference to those programs. When people search on their TV for one of those programs, you could show up in the search results as well. Another option you might have is you would be able to buy ad space or pay-per-click ads and get your company noticed while somebody is watching TV.

I’m sure many other opportunities to get noticed will open up once Google TV is released. Keep an eye on this new product, you could get a leg in early and reap the benefits. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything.

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Tom Antion: Non Verbal Expression

Edward T. Hall, the noted social anthropologist, claims 60 percent of all
communication is nonverbal.
Communication analyst Albert Mehrabian says we
are perceived in three ways: 7 percent verbally, 38 percent vocally, and a full 55
percent visually, including gestures, posture, stride, facial expressions,
movement, dress, and eye contact. These guys undoubtedly know more about it
than I do. What I want you to learn is that gestures and body language can be
used to help tell your story without using additional words, they can make you
feel better, and they can make your audience like you more.
Gestures include all physical activity before, during, and after your talk. A
gesture can be just about anything. It could be a hand on the hip, a wrinkled
brow, a raise of the eyebrows, or leaning against the lectern. In fact,
communications expert Mario Pei estimates that humans can display up to
700,000 different physical signs. I’ll start numbering them now: 1) eyelash curl,
2) fingernail growth, 3) double chin wiggle . . . Of course, I’m kidding, but that
is an awful lot of movement to keep track of, don’t you think?
According to Dorothy Leeds in her book PowerSpeak, “Audiences are
making their hard-to-shake first impressions as you are setting up, waiting to be
introduced, and walking to the platform to begin your speech.” When you walk
into the room you should be smiling, upbeat, and at least appearing to be calm.
You want them to be in fun, don’t you?
If I had to pick one technique in this whole book for you to master, this
would be it: smile.You can get more (s)mileage out of this simple facial gesture
than any one of the more than 250,000 of which you are capable. This ultimate
gesture, that is recognized all over the world, projects warmth and the message
that friendship is possible.

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Tom Antion: Eulogy For a Friend

I was inspired to do this video and to help people learn to write a eulogy when my father passed away in July of 2000. This video will help you write a moving eulogy for your friend or someone elses..

At the time I didn’t know where to turn for help in writing a eulogy and I didn’t know the steps to take to make sure I did a good job. I needed a good example of a eulogy speech and a sample eulogy would have really helped me out. I looked at all the free eulogy websites and they were pretty much worthless.

I considered many structures and outlines for his eulogy and I also reviewed many other eulogies before I made my decision on what I would say with my funeral speech. My dad was a veteran and a pretty tough guy so I didn’t think a eulogy poem or eulogy song would be appropriate for him.

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Tom Antion: The C.A.R.E Speakers Tour

The C.A.R.E. Speakers Tour is designed to inpire and motivate you. However, unlike many seminars that simply get you excited but give you no direction, this seminar will also give you
immediately usable techniques to implement improve your life and your financial situation.

Look who will be there!

Glenn Morshower came from humble beginnings and is the most down to earth TV. and Movie star you will ever meet. Most people simply can’t believe someone with Glenn’s credentials could be such a sweet soul to every single person he meets. His program will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion while teaching you how to go the extra mile to get what you want in life.

Barbara DeAngelis is a heart touching and prolific author (14 Books and 4 New York Times #1 Bestsellers) and TV personality who has brought in over 200 million dollars in sales. She’s been seen by millions of people in one of the most famous infomercials of all time. Barbara will teach you how to transform your life from what it is now to what you want it to be.

Craig Duswalt has a unique background in that he toured with both Air Supply and Guns & Roses for 8 years. He saw the kind of tactical success you can bring to your life by using the same kinds of techniques Rockstars use to rise to prominance. He brings a unique perspective and immediately usable techniques on how you can become a Rockstar in your own niche. Plus, the way he bops around the stage we all think he’s a little crazy. . . but you be the judge 🙂

Tom Antion has never had a job. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life starting his first advertising business at 10 years old. He sold his first used car at 15 years old before he even knew how to drive. And starting with nothing he owned five apartment buildings and a hotel before he graduated from college. But you won’t think of Tom as the proverbial “used car salesman”. Tom is all about living the life that you want. He absolutely refuses to deal with anyone he doesn’t like. He will teach you how to put the power of the Internet behind you so you can totally control how much money you want to earn, where you work and who you spend your time with.

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Thursday, July 8th, 2010 9:00 PM Eastern Time USA
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“Improve your Web Presence and Sales:
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Wow! Have things changed since the last time I did this class!
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Since the last update two years ago me and my staff have been
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on the web.

Here are just some of the topics I’ll cover:

=> Social media automation tips

=> All about the new Google penalties

=> Reputation management tips

=> Google’s “Quality Proclamation” and what it means to you

=> Video Sales letters

=> Video Products

=> New upselling techniques

=> The latest on highly profitable pop up boxes and exit strategies

=> Federal Trade Commission endorsement problems

=> Superfast blogging tips

=> New Ebook formats

=> Mobile websites

=> Text marketing


a Big Resource list and like every single thing I do….lots, lots, more

Thursday, July 8th 9:00 PM Eastern time
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