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Tom Antion

Upcoming TeleSeminar

Telephone Bridge Space is Limited

Thursday, Aug 19th, 2010  9:00 PM Eastern Time USA
(Can’t make it? The first 200 to register get the 2 CD Set and the shipping is FREE)

 Reputation Management: How to Build and Protect a Great Reputation Online with Tom Antion

This teleclass is only for those interested in building a massive reputation on the web while reducing the chance that unfair negative attacks will have much impact.

“When Potential Clients are Thinking of Doing Business With You, They will Google Your Name or the Name of Your Business…”

. . . What will they find when they do??

Will it totally blow them away and impress them, . . . OR will it shock them, . . . OR do you even know?

If you have created and managed your Internet marketing strategies correctly, there will be thousands of great reviews, articles and testimonials for your business that people could spend months reading. You have worked on “good press” for your business for years and these positive search results help sell your products and services.

. . . But just one disgruntled customer, former employee or jealous competitor can ruin that hard work with a website that simply states that you stink!

This is when you need serious online reputation management.  . . . BEFORE IT HAPPENS


OK. Let’s talk about the plus side of all this and why it’s worth it to you to start building a great reputation online.

It’s easier than ever to build a great reputation that will help your pile tons of bucks into your business.

Even when it wasn’t as easy I used this to build my speaking career. I can’t tell you how many times I said to someone….”Just type my name into Google and pack yourself a lunch because you’re going to be there for a while reading good stuff about me” . . . and I almost always got the job.

The only way to exceed the average fee range for your industry or topic is to be better known. There is no faster way to be in control of how fast and how big your name gets than using the Internet.

Yes, I know that getting on Oprah or CNN or in the Wall Street Journal could do wonders for your career…..maybe . . . if you really know how to parlay those appearances….most people don’t. . . . .AND truly you have little control if you ever even make it into those publicity sources.

Get good at what I teach in this convenient teleclass and not only will your name and business be GOLD online, you could turn that gold into real greenbacks going into your bank account at much faster and higher levels than ever before.

>>>>More money all because you took the time to learn how to make a great name for yourself on the web using a little elbow grease, low cost helpers (even high school kids) and low cost and free Internet tools.

It’s also easier than ever for someone that doesn’t like you to
trash you. Google won’t help you get rid of negative things whether they are legitimate or not. You have to take control and use the many tools available to fix this. I can tell you trying to bury bad stuff encompasses about a hundred more things than just using facebook and twitter.

WARNING: You may think there’s nothing bad being said about you on the web because you do a basic Google search and you don’t see anything. What you fail to understand is that there are places on the web where people discuss all kinds of things and these places DON’T EVEN ALLOW GOOGLE to visit them.

In this class I’ll be revealing tools that will allow you to search the parts of the net hidden to Google. Your best customers probably frequent these places and you darn well better know about it when someone says something bad. The faster you respond, the closer your response is to the bad comment so new visitors can see a fair and balanced situation as opposed to your response three months later that is never seen by your prospective clients. . . . and don’t forget . . . this stuff is going to be there forever

Here are just some of the topics I’ll cover:

=> How to get started immediately seeing what’s being said about you on the web . . . use the good stuff to create new business and locate the bad stuff so you can do something about it.

=> Internet search tools that will only look for bad stuff . . . B.S. (bad stuff) can do lots of damage and needs attention way faster than good stuff.

=> Low down tricks to fight unfair and fake reviews . . .
sometimes you just don’t have a choice but to play dirty.

=> When to bale out and start over again. . . you can waste enormous amounts of time and money fighting the Giant.

=> A service that looks for bad things . . . at places where Google isn’t allowed to look.

=> How disgruntled employees and competitors can wreak havoc on your business . . . and what you can do now to protect yourself.

=> How to automate large portions of your reputation management . . . there’s no use having a great rep if you spend all your time protecting it.

=> The secret trick top marketers use to control their reviews . . . and make money with them.

=> A “super secret”, yet right in front of your face search trick . . . that will get have your name and a link to your site popping up everywhere.

=> A service that will claim your name and register your profile at over 400 social networks . . . It would cost a fortune to do this by hand.

=> A large collection of places your name and business should be listed. . . . I bet you haven’t thought of most of these

PLUS a Big Resource list and like every single thing I do….lots, lots, more

August 19th 9:00 PM Eastern time
Can’t make it?
Be one of the first 200 to register and get the complimentary 2 CD Set.

Special Note: This class may go two hours and be a 2 CD Set

Telephone Bridge line space is limited and my teleclasses sell
out quickly.

Sign up now before all the complimentary CD Sets are gone and did I mention that the shipping is on me?

One last thing before you make your decision to register or not. How much money would just one more client mean to you if you got them because of your great reputation online? What if you got 5, 10, 50 or 100? AND how much money would it cost you if you lost a client or 5 or 10 or 50 or 100 because you ignored your reputation online?

It’s a no brainer. Register below and I’ll talk to you Thursday night.

Tom Antion

P.S. You’ll download your up-to-the-minute resource list the night of the seminar.

P.P.S When you register there will be a brief note in the cart telling you if you made it into the top 200. Register Now!

This is a high level extremely important seminar to you, your family and your business and yet is sensibly priced at only $97.00 and

the first 200 signups get the FREE CD set of the seminar

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I guarantee you will not be able to help yourself after this teleseminar. You’ll probably stay up half the night trying out all the tools and techniques you will learn.

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One place I’m going to tell you about will have your name and profile in 415 places within about 2 days. How would you like that?

Tom Antion: Anatomy Of A Teleseminar

 ‎”Learn The Secrets To Creating High Profit Teleclasses From The Convenience Of Your Home Office. You Could Make $10,000 Per Call When You Know The Equipment And Techniques To Make It Happen!”

Let me show you how I personally created a teleseminar empire of information products that sell over and over again…even in this tough economy. How much money could you make selling your expertise to millions of information hungry clients?

There is NO LIMIT to the money you can make… but you need to have the proper training!

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Tom Antion: Public Speaking Perks

When you become a top public speaker, you get opportunities to visit and experience historic and highly interesting places around the world. In this video, Tom visited the original site where the opening to The Andy Griffith Show was filmed not once, but twice. The 1960 version was in black and white and the 1965 version was in color.

Tom Antion: The C.A.R.E. Speakers Tour

The C.A.R.E. Speakers Tour was a great success! Tom, Barbara, Craig and Glenn showed the audience a great time and a lot of fun was had by all. Here’s a pic from the Santa Clarita event on 8/5/2010:

We hope that Tom and his friends have many more of these life changing events in the near future and it turns into a national tour. Leave your comments below to lend your thanks and support.

Tom Antion: Mentee Websites

Look at all the websites that Tom Antion’s http://www.GreatInternetMarketingTrai… program has built for his mentees! This is just a small sampling of the great businesses that Tom has helped create and these mentees even learned to maintain these websites for themselves, eliminating the costly need for web designers.

Check out this fast-paced video promo and when your ready to create online wealth for yourself, click on the link above to download the FREE brochure and watch the introductory video. Is this going to be your year to succeed?

Craig Duswalt at the CARE Speakers Tour

When a news story breaks in your industry, don’t you want the media calling you for your opinion? That’s what the RockStar System For Success is all about.
Basically, it’s RockStar Marketing!

Maybe you can’t sing a note. Maybe the only musical instrument you can play is an iPod. But you can be a RockStar in your industry!

RockStars are the best in their business. They’re known as experts. They are celebrities in their field. That’s what Craig creates with the RockStar System For Success — RockStar Entrepreneurs.

And one of the easiest ways for you, an Entrepreneur, to be perceived as an expert and celebrity in your industry is to WRITE A BOOK TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS!

Craig will personally share…

How easy it is to write a book to promote your business in only 30 days, so you are immediately perceived as an expert AND celebrity in your field, so clients will come running to you to do business.

  • 3 incredible benefits why handing out your book at networking events is a million times more effective than handing out your run-of-the-mill, boring business cards.
  • Behind-the-scenes experiences with Guns N’ Roses on how real RockStars promote themselves on the road, and how you can apply these same outside-the-box marketing principles to your business.
  • How to promote yourself and your business for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee a day, and not waste your hard-earned money on expensive, virtually useless print advertising.
  • How to build incredible wealth through high-priced coaching programs, so you can enjoy the lifestyle of your choice, and give back to your community.
Bottom line — Craig teaches how to work as little as possible, how to love what you do, and how to generate massive income, so you too, can enjoy the lifestyle of your choice.

See Barbara DeAngelis on Aug. 7, 2010 in Los Angelis at the C.A.R.E. Speakers Tour

Dr. De Angelis is renowned as a charismatic and moving speaker, and is the recipient of one of the highest honors in the world of Public Speaking from Toastmasters International as a winner of the 2007 GOLDEN GAVEL AWARD—one of only FIVE women to receive this award in Toastmaster’s 50 year history for being one of the most outstanding speakers of the century.

Barbara’s television career has been just as successful as her publishing career. You may have seen Barbara on TV shows including OPRAH, THE TODAY SHOW, GOOD MORNING AMERICA, PBS and THE VIEW , She also hosted her own TV shows on CBS and CNN, her own special on PBS and wrote and produced the award-winning TV infomercial, Making Love Work which was seen by over 100 million people throughout the world.

What does it take to truly create a successful and purposeful life in all areas? Barbara credits her success to her system for “TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT” which she offers to others in her sold-out training programs.

Barbara is known not only for being a riveting and inspirational speaker, but for helping her audiences make instant and profound shifts.

Her presentation will include:

How to Recognize the Secret Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Happiness

How to Identify & Break Through Your Own Unconscious Success Barriers

The Secrets for Transforming Fear into Courage, Confusion into Vision & Self-doubt into Confidence

Finding and Living Your True Purpose Now

The Inner Journey: How to Manifest The Life You Want From The Inside Out

Barbara believes that we are in a time of profound and accelerated transformation on our planet, and that WE—those who feel called to share their wisdom and messages—are responsible for ushering in The Great Change. With this in mind, she is dedicated to passing on all she knows about being a teacher, speaker and leader to those of empowerment and service, and “transforming the transformers.”