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Tom Antion: Speaking At Author 101 University

Join me in Las Vegas for the Author 101 University with Rick Frishman this weekend!
I’ll be speaking with with dozens of other great guests.

October 29, 30 & 31, 2010

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Tom Antion: Entry Strategies

Entry Stragtegies

You might not realize that a visitor may enter your site at just about any of your webpages. Note: a blog posting is also considered a webpage. This happens because, hopefully, each of your webpages is optimized to get a high ranking in a search engine.

When a particular page gets that high ranking, people clicking on it go directly to the page and bypass your home page. This is a good thing because you want the person to feel they found exactly what they were looking for.

It’s not a good idea to try to show them everything you have to offer in hopes they will buy it all. What you are doing is totally confusing them, as well as annoying them too.

They hit your site because they were looking for something specific and you gave them something general. When you do that, they move on to someone else’s site quickly.

What you want to do is make sure that when they do hit one of these secondary pages on your site, they can still navigate easily around the rest of the site. Send a friend of yours who might not be too familiar with your site directly to a subpage of your site.
Ask them to try to get around in your site and to jot down what questions they had as they tried to navigate. Take this feedback and use it to make sure there is no doubt what to do when a visitor wants to explore the rest of your web.

A good exercise is to try to force yourself into only 5 navigation buttons total. This includes the “Home” button. This really forces you to think out a simple navigation system that’s not confusing.

Learn to start a successful business on the web.

Tom Antion: Working At Home

This is what I mean by working at home with your child/children.  Couldn’t have done it without Tom Antion’s knowledge and Training he has put into the Internet Marketing Training Center.  I know just enough information and more with only part of the training that I have done with his training materials. 

I now have a site up that is just starting to make money and it is the BEST feeling ever.  I look forward to learning more and increasing the amount to much more.  If you are ready to sit on your couch with your arm around your child then you need to go through the training that the Internet Marketing Training Center has for you.

I will give you more updates the next time.  Hope to talk with you soon on what sites your making money with.

Tom Antion: Presentations That Sell Bootcamp

I’m speaking at Maurice Dimino’s “Presentations That Sell Bootcamp” this weekend.

Learn more about Maurice in this video, shot at my Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center:

Tom Antion: Affiliate Tips and More

Listen to this 45 minute MP3.

Tom discusses business ideas in a bad economy, product development and answers plenty of mentee questions.

Listen Here!

Tom Antion: Home Based Business Startup Idea

Learn more about the Great Internet Marketing Center! 

Tom Antion: Public Speaking Success $5.00 30 Trial with over 250 public and professional speaking videos. When a great speaker is on stage it looks easy. There are lots of things
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Tom Antion: Motivational Speaking

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