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You know that public speaking book you have always wanted to write but never did because you would have to pay the printer to print hundreds more than you need and then store them forever in your garage? I have good news for you. Now with print-on-demand, you can have a few or many books printed at a nominal price. This means you can order just enough to sell from your website, at your book signing, at back-of-the-room sales during your seminars, or for giving away to promote your business.

Each book is printed when you or your client orders it and you only pay for the quantity ordered, whether it is one or 1,000. At Antion & Associates, we’re using for print-on-demand. It’s a free online self-publishing tool that helps you prepare your book for printing.

While compiling and formatting your book takes time, the actual process of uploading your book to createspace is very simple and consists of three basic steps:

* Enter information about your book into the createspace software.

* Upload a.pdf file of the content.

* Upload a.pdf file of the cover.

After you upload the .pdf files, you can order a proof copy for a few dollars and createspace will print it and mail it to you. As soon as you approve the proof copy, createspace will make it available for purchase and even distribute it through and other outlets. When you or a customer orders, createspace will print as few or as many copies as you want. The price of the book covers the production costs and your royalty.

It’s a win-win because you have no setup fees and no inventory to store. In addition, Amazon offers a lot of tips to help you self-publish your book through

Here’s a sample geek ad with commentary

Well known DC dating coach needs someone super savvy with social media, youtube, blogging, websites, writing articles, link building etc. to help promote several web sites.

Must be reliable. Some work can be done from home.

Job will pay generally about $8.00 an hour, but frequently you will get project work that if you finish it fast will up your hourly rate.

If you don’t have all the skills mentioned above, apply anyway. We may hire more than one person and we’ll train people we like.

Must have your own computer and Internet connection.


Commentary on above ad.

=> Don’t pay hourly unless they are working under your immediate control. Pay by the project

=> Adjust hourly rate to suit your location

=> This is a general ad. If you have specific needs already identified, then emphasize them and put selected other things in the ad like this:

“social media experience a plus”

=> You can also add qualifiying statements like, “if you’re in to texting all day or surfing on company time, don’t apply”

Tom Antion – Internet Marketing Career Options

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Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for

Tom Antion – Public Speaking Costumes

No, you don’t have to go on-stage in a gorilla suit, although you could if you wanted to. A costume can be anything from a flashy tie, to a feathered hat, to a full blown shiny Marca Polina outfit (the feminine Marco Polo) complete with an illuminated magic wand, that my friend Sally Walton wears when she talks about the magic art of “Communicating Across Cultures.” Costumes add a flare and excitement to your presentations and certainly help to make them more memorable.

If you don’t like to wear costumes, get the audience members to wear them. Better yet, get the “big shots” to wear them and you will probably be the hit of the meeting. I was doing a customer service talk for a pizza franchise and I had one of the senior managers march into the meeting wearing a filthy, doctor’s lab coat with ketchup all over it (fake blood). I had another senior manager come in with a crisp, new lab coat. I asked a simple question, Which manager would you like operating on you? Of course, all the junior managers yelled out that they wouldn’t let either one of these people operate on them. Everyone was laughing and joking around, but the point was made. They must keep their employees looking clean and neat because nice customers won’t want to be served by grungy food service workers.

Costume characters can be hired to hand out fliers at your event, entertain, and generally create an air of fun and excitement. The local heart association has a “blood drop” costume they use when they are soliciting funds. There are literally hundreds of costumes available through costume shops or via mail order. Just make sure, as always, the theme of the costume matches the theme of your presentation or event.

From “Wake ’em Up Business Presentations”

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Facebook has begun testing a slew of changes to the News Feed, including friend list filters and Smart Lists that automatically categorize your friends.

The changes seem to be aimed at making the content within the News Feed more relevant. These changes, show that Facebook is dividing the News Feed into lists, much like Google+ has done with Circles. “Feed filters make it easy to see a selected set of friend’s updates in one place and share exclusive with them,” Facebook’s guide to the new feature states.

One of the most interesting aspects of the revamped News Feed is the addition of Smart Lists. Smart Lists automatically sort your friends into a work list, a list for classmates and a list for friends who live within 50 miles of your city. This makes it easy to post updates just to your college friends or to talk about a local party with just your nearby friends.

The changes are likely to be construed as a response to the rise of Google+, whose Circles feature makes it easy to share content with smaller groups. Facebook has always had Friend Lists as a feature, but less than 5% of users use them in any meaningful way. These changes are designed to fix that.

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