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The Internet is a wonderland of opportunity for finding new business and prospects to drive to your webpages and sales letters. But the biggest complaint I hear is that “I don’t have the time.” The time to network with others on the web is now and it’s never been easier. This is an important marketing strategy that you need to make a priority.

Imagine opening up a retail store. Customers come in periodically to make a purchase. There are thousands of others who know your store is there, but have yet to stop in. Would you cut off the marketing to these people just because they haven’t purchased yet? Would you take down your billboards, newspaper ads, neon signs and special 50% off posters just because it’s not worth the effort? And would you move your store to a location that couldn’t be seen from every angle in the parking lot? I think not.

If you are ignoring your blogging, videos, social networks and social bookmarking, your doing essentially just that…in an online sense. Making a huge Internet presence, networking and building relationships is how you will attract the undecideds that haven’t bought anything yet and turn them into customers. And attracting prospects with these strategies is far cheaper than billboards and print ads.

Your website cannot just be a static page floating somewhere out in cyberspace. There are now over a trillion webpages published on the Internet. How are you going to stand out? It is going to take some time, some effort and good old fashioned virtual hand shaking to see the results you want. And lucky for you, the time has never been better to take advantage of these cheap, powerful and easy to use resources. Find any way you can to keep your brand fresh and in the forefront of your prospects minds. Consider a few of these tools:

* Use a service like FriendFeed. Everytime you update any of 56 social sites, your FriendFeed will tell all of your friends about it.

* Use a blog scheduling service like so you can write posts ahead of time and send them out when you want.

* Leave a lot of comments on Facebook groups, blog sites and YouTube videos to encourage conversation.

* Connect your ezinearticles, Facebook updates and Squidoo lenses to your Twitter so a tweet will go out everytime you update one of these services.

* Create “Join Me” buttons for your websites and blog posts to encourage making friends. (These can be found in the “Tools/Widgets” section of your social networking sites)

* Find a virtual assistant or high school kid to do the work for you.

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My day with the Tom Antion Team was memorable – Here I share my testimony about my Search Engine Optimization Experiences at the NetAim Conference Center.

Wednesday, October 26th 6:45 PM Eastern

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“How to Make Websites the Search Engines Love for 20 Bucks or Less”
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I’ve built a nice big empire of websites and blogs that make melots of money and I probably paid less for twenty of them than you paid for one.
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* Where to get cheap and reliable hosting . . . pick the right place and have your website going with just a couple clicks.

* What plugins are…and how they make your website do all kinds of cool things.

* How many widgets it takes to change a light bulbhahahaha… well maybe I won’t cover that, but you will know exactly what widgets are and what they’ll do for you.

* How to add things to your site with virtually zero webskills…Put in a couple hours practice and you’ll be publishing around the world for ZERO cost.

* Where to go to get custom graphics for your site for less than 10 bucks. . . great graphics are dime a dozen if you know where to get them.

* How to notify the entire world every time you add content to your site. . . .thousands of geeks are happy to give you their “Ping” lists.

* And like anything I do….you’ll get much, much more.

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– Tom Antion
Tom descibes what a super affiliate is and how you can make money working with one

Internet Marketing Training Center Radio Show

Join us for our bi-weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio: Internet Marketing Training Center.

Every other Thursday at 2:00 pm EST, the Internet Marketing Training Center will bring you up-to-date tips and tricks of the online marketing masters. This is the kind of training you’ll get nowhere else except at IMTC.

Stuff you need to know, tips that will make you money and critical state of the union addresses about careers and the industry of Internet Marketing.

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“Internet Marketing Training: Building a Better Business Database”

Here are the details of next week’s episode.

The first important part of an opening is your response to your introduction. From here on, what you say is very important because it characterizes you to the audience. If you typically introduce yourself, you can skip this part for now and review it when you do a presentation where you are introduced. A response to an introduction is what you say to or about your introducer or what you say
about what your introducer said. Can I make that less clear for you? For instance, if your introduction was too flattering and syrupy you could say:

 After that, I can’t wait to hear what I have to say.
 Now I know what it feels like to be a pancake with too much syrup on it.
 My mother would have been proud because you read that just like she wrote it.

If your introduction was too long you could say:
 This is not the second coming.
 I have been feeling a little sick lately. I thought I had the flu, but I guess it must be my eminence.
 If you had gone on about me much longer, I might have started to believe some of it.

For an introduction that is too short you could say:
 That was the shortest introduction I have ever had. My life just passed before my eyes and I haven’t even been up here long enough to die.
 Hey! What happened to all that good stuff I paid you to say?
 I know I don’t deserve all the nice things that WEREN’T said about me in that introduction.

If you’re doing a funny talk and the introducer is a GOOD friend you could say:
 I normally don’t allow a long introduction and in the short amount of time I gave you Joe, you were starting to screw that up.

If you’re on a program with several big-name speakers you could say:
 Most of the speakers you’ve heard here today are like a Who’s Who of speaking. I’m more like a Who’s He/She? Sometimes you will get an introduction that is just bad. Say:
 Thank you very much for that INTERESTING introduction.
 If I’m going to bomb, I want to do it myself. I don’t need your help. (Be careful when, how, and to whom you say this one. You don’t want to take the audience out of in fun.)
A safe approach when you get a bad introduction is to just skip the response and make general comments to the audience. You don’t want to embarrass the introducer.

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Tom Antion Critiques President Bush On MSNBC
Tom Antion was chosen by MSNBC to do an on-the-air critique of president Bush’s presentation skills. He is the author of the “Wake ’em Up Video Professional Speaking System” and publisher of the largest Emagazine in the world on professional level public speaking. “Great Speaking” ezine has over 95,000 subscribers in 80 countries. Learn public speaking training at:

How Integrity Will Ensure Long Term Success in the Speaking and Training Industry

Kickoff Interview #6 – Tuesday August 9th 5pm PST / 8pm EST

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• The real insider scoop on the state of the speaking and training industry

• What to watch out for and what not to do (Top 20 Seminar Scams)

• What’s our responsibility as speakers, trainers, thought leaders, and agents of change

• How we can ensure long term sustainability in the industry

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