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Tom Antion’s Ultimate Guide to Public Speaking

Hi! I’m Tom. And I want to share with you a powerful new resource that can change the lives of you and your family. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, my “Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” e-book will change what you think you know about careers in public speaking and arm you with the strategies and techniques to make the most money possible!

This brand new e-book will expose you 22 years of experience in just a few hours and if you act immediately, I’ll pay you to use it.

Why are you not speaking right now and if you are, . . . why isn’t it for the highest fees possible?

If you’re like most professionals, you have probably wondered what a career in professional public speaking could be like, but you may have been hindered by these limiting beliefs:


  • No one will ever pay me to speak.
  • I have nothing to talk about.
  • I don’t know how to get booked.
  • I’m too frightened to be on stage.
  • I have nothing to sell when I speak.


If you haven’t taken the plunge, don’t worry. it’s not your fault. You may be surrounded by people who don’t support your dreams and don’t have the desire to succeed like you do.

Yes, I know those bullet points above are very real concerns. But I have the simple answers derived from years of ‘hard knocks’ that can turn anyone who wants it bad enough into a professional speaker selling their expertise to information-hungry crowds all over the world.

And once you know the insider secrets to getting hired and creating multiple income streams, the rich life of professional speaking can be yours.

Josh Ray came to Tom Antion’s Great Internet Marketing Training Center. Here he talks about his stay this weekend.

Tom Antion – Successful Public Speaking Techniques
There are tons of simple techniques that can make your great on stage.
Over 350 public and professional speaking videos.

Tom Antion – Training with Storytelling
Stories can make your points more understandable and make you more
Over 350 public and professional speaking videos.

Public Speaking – Monitor Setup

Tom Antion talks about using a monitor with a timer when you are on stage.

Get $100,000.00 worth of professional speaking training for not even pennies on the dollar. Both professional and non professional speakers will learn like crazy at this site.

=> 450+ streaming videos demonstrating high-level, yet easy-to-implement speaking and speaker marketing techniques. PLUS, we’re adding more all the time.

=> Over 300 articles on presentation skills and the business of speaking.

=> Tons of training audios on how to be a great speaker onstage.

=> A Speaking Glossary so you’ll know the lingo of the industry.

=> An enormous number of humor resources and comedy routines.

=> A/V tips, audience interaction tips, stage fright tips, travel tips and much more.

=> A Discussion Forum where you can network with other like-minded individuals and also where you can get your speaking questions answered.

=> Money making tips and techniques savvy speakers use to make money with their mouth and mind.

Only $97.00 for a year’s worth of access (and it will probably take you that long to learn and implement the professional speaking tips found here.

Note: That’s only .27 cents a day to learn things that could make you millions like it has for me. This is the largest, most credible, most well supported speaker training site on the Internet ….bar none. And it’s a much better price than the posers out there are charging.

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I can’t wait to help you achieve your speaking goals!

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Tom Antion

Public Speaking – Checking the Stage Tom Antion shows you why it’s important to check the stage before you present.

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We look forward to having you join us on Saturday Nov. 5, 2011 at 10:00am at the Internet Marketing Training Center for our Social Networking Workshop.
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