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Tom Antion – Presenting Like a Pro

If you want to get paid for your public speaking engagements then you need to know what professional speakers know.
Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

YouTube Marketing Tip

This video teaches you how to use a little known tip to increase your chances of getting higher rankings for your videos.

I’m getting lots of questions about how I get transcription so cheap. I watched a webinar that taught me a lot about the cultural norms needed to hire effectively in the Philippines. I carefully did what the video said and hired two really great people. Here’s the link to the webinar Yes, I’m an affiliate, but you do not have to buy anything to learn these cultural norms

and I don’t care…

If you’ve known me for a while, you probably have heard me talk
about the fact I wanted the “Ka-ching” sound on my cell phone
as my ring tone. I gave up trying to figure it out myself knowing
it would take me all day.

A young, geeky girl in the office heard me complaining about
this. She took the phone and came back in five minutes with the
Ka-ching sound on the phone.

Do I know how she did it?…..NO
Do I care how she did it?…..NO
Was the job done quickly without any hassle on my part? …..YES!

This same geeky girl edited a video for me that has made me I
would estimate at least 5 million bucks since she did it.


If you want to be successful online, you need to get a geek. I
recruited my first one in 1997 and he was a major part of my
success today.

The fact is that you shouldn’t be wasting time trying to figure
out complicated technological things when a local nerd could do
it easily for practically pennies.

Here are just a few things a geek can help you with:

=> Tutoring to help you operate your computer, IPAD, IPhone,
Droid, etc. better than you currently can

=> Social networking

=> Answering your dumb questions over the phone hahahaha without
making you feel bad about it.

=> Formatting e-books for you and

a ton of other things that will be outlined for you at the link

The only problem is that people go out and try to find geeks on
their own, and they do it the wrong way which usually ends in
some kind of emergency disaster call to me.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a young student of mine
Zach Swinehart, and his “Geek Guidebook”.

NOTE: I’ve never really promoted something this cheap that could
have such a profound effect on your business.

In the guidebook Zach walks you through EVERY step of the
process of finding and working with a geek. Here are a few of the
things included with the book:

=> Training about the five different types of geeks, and how
each one can benefit you

=> Step-by-step instruction on each of the 4 approaches you
can take to find geeks

=> Insight on how much to pay your geek, and how to pay your

=> An outline of how long it takes professionals to do
things, so you will know if your geek is slacking off

=> Convenient downloadable pdf & doc formats, so that you
can start reading minutes after your purchase

=> Instruction on how to keep your information secure, so
that your geek doesn’t compromise your security


A bunch of bonuses, sample ads, interview questions and
customizable templates to find the perfect geek(s) for you.

Don’t let your Internet marketing success be delayed by your lack
of technological knowledge. Check out the super cheap Geek
Guidebook, and have your geek worry about the techy things, while
you work on the important stuff.

Another note: I built my Internet empire with Geeks. You’d be
crazy for this cheap amount of money to ignore this young man’s
new book.

Check it out at:

Catch ya
Tom Antion

Tom Antion’s Extra Social Media Secrets

So we have created all of these profiles and loaded them with content…now what? The entire idea of using social networking is to actually “network” with the other members. Through networking you can make huge strides in promoting your services. You can meet like-minded people and drive serious traffic to your websites with the links you provide for others. The new term for this that is really starting to catch on is “interactive marketing.” This describes Internet marketing that is personal in nature. You visit networks or groups where targeted people frequent and strike up a dialog with them. You can also offer advice to selected people in such a way that everyone can benefit from it and most of all, you can remember and store what people say and create promotional material bent towards that information.


• Join groups of like-minded people.

• Leave comments with a link to your resources on the group wall.

• “Like” or fan many Facebook business pages.

• Leave comments with a link to your resources on the business page wall.

• Leave comments on other people’s comments.

• Recommend friends to others that you feel may benefit from the meeting.

• Ask for feedback from your friends and fans: book titles, website ideas, business ideas, etc…

• Tag people in your photos, videos and notes.

• Offer a contest to name your book or system.

• Copy or print Instant Messages or comment threads for future reference.

• Link people to a page of your website where they can sign up for a “30 day challenge.”

Where can you find the newest tips on marketing?

Tom Antion – Career Options For Commerce Students

There are a ton of new career choices because of the Internet. Commerce and marketing has expanded it’s horizons. Learn how you can discover the hottest and most in demand jobs available today. At the Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia, you can get a dedicated certificate in as little as six months and be on your way to a great job. Visit the site to download your free career guide.

Certified to operate by the State Council of Higher Education for

Tom Antion – Grants for Home Based Business
A home based information business is a low risk / high return way to
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Tom Antion Marketing – Blog Post Links

When posting to your blog, don’t forget to put a clickable link towards the bottom of the post with a call to action. This call to action can be a text link saying for example:

* Change Your Life. Free Info!
* Get Your Free “Killer Website Designs” Ebook!
* Make $5000 Every Time You Speak!
* Learn The 7 Steps To Leadership Success!
* Find Love In 90 days Or Less!

or any call to action that relates to your business. The point is, your blog post is full of great content. Reward your reader with additional content such as a free white paper, report or special training that they will reward you back with by leaving their email or buying a product. You should at least get the visitors email to build your database, so that you can market to them throughout the year.

What happens if there is no call to action link? The reader may read a few of the posts, get reminded of something they read somewhere else and disappear. What about your opt-in box at the top of your blog? As they scroll down to read additional posts, that box disappears from their line of sight, and they may forget all about it. Those opt-in boxes at the top right corner of your blog are notoriously weak for sign ups. A link to a “freebie” or further training embedded in the post, while they are still engaged in the material they are reading, is far more effective.

Don’t let the reader get away without giving you their email address. It takes alot of work to get them to your blog in the first place. The blog is not the “end point” of your marketing, your opt-in or sales letter is. The blog creates interest in your business or service, and quality posts can entice the reader to make a further decision or conversion. Not only that, the search engines love “anchor text” or clickable links made of keywords. Don’t leave links that just have your URL or “click here.” Use a strong call to action and reward your reader with addtional quality info and they will give you something in return.

Claim the step-by-step formula that will make you successful on the web.

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Tom Antion: Reputation Management

Learn how a scumbag from Denver tried to bad mouth me and put me out of business but made me millions of dollars instead.