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Tom Antion’s “Best of” Products

“Best Of” products are really easy to produce because the really hard work of creating the individual products in the first place has already been done. You simply repackage the work.

I’m in the process right now of creating several “Best Of” products. The first one I’m creating comes from all the work I’ve done over the past 4 years publishing “Great Speaking” Ezine. I’ll get at least five new products out of this. Each product will be based on one of the regular four sections of the ezine and the fifth product will be a package deal with all the sections included.

Here are the products I’ll get from “Great Speaking”:

The Best of “Great Speaking” Quick Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Advanced Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Humor Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Marketing Tips
Get em all for one special price!
I’ll get even more products from the many audio tapes I have.

I haven’t even figured out all the combinations I can do yet, but here is a brief stab at it:

The Best of Tom Antion’s Media Marketing
The Best of Tom Antion’s Speaking Tips
The Best of Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing Tips
and it can go on and on.

Then I can make the best of my Ebooks, CDs etc. This could go on all next year if I wanted it to.

The idea here falls back into my regular product strategy. Keep producing products that sell on their own and then bundle them together in different ways to keep them alive and fresh and cranking income for you.

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Tom Antion’s Banquet Speaking Tips


 When on a tight time schedule, have desserts placed on the table midway through the meal.

 Arrange with banquet staff to cease all bussing of tables on a pre-arranged signal. Many functions
have less than interesting openings because service personnel are running around for the first 10
minutes of a talk. This gets everything off to a bad start.

 Ten minutes before the program is to start, it is very helpful to announce something like the
following: “The program will start in ten minutes. Please get your drink refills, (go to the little boys
and little girls room), grab another piece of cake and then take your seats and get ready for a great

 When planning lighthearted/humorous programs, avoid heavy subjects before the speaker, i.e.,
don’t show tearjerker slides of starving children (actually happened to a speaker friend of mine), in an
effort to raise funds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for raising funds for good causes, but if you do this
just before a humorist or comedy show, you may have wasted your money on the talent and actually
made it inappropriate for them to do the job for which they were hired.

Tom Antion – I Make ‘Em Wonder

I suppose most of my readers know by now that when I’m speaking in public I push the limits most of the time to make sure my audience stays awake. It should be no surprise to you then that I will attack another common old style snoozer technique (and I know I will get letters from educational theory folks, but that is OK) . . . that is, telling the participants what you are going to cover during your presentation.

I say let ’em figure it out as you go. If they think they know where you are going during a public speaking engagement, then it is easy for them to ‘zone out’ since they ‘think’ they know what you are going to say. The way I do it is to make them wonder, ‘What in the heck is he going to do next?,’ which forces them to stay alert to find out.

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Tom Antion Testimonial from Linnaea Mallette

Linnaea explains how Tom’s “The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” has helped her.

Tom Antion – I Can’t Hear You!

Although this may seem obvious, make sure the audience can clearly hear every
word you say. Most jokes and stories depend on key words. If you slur a word,
the audience may miss the whole idea of the story (remember you need a good
sound system too). Besides enunciating clearly, you must use the microphone
properly. Hand held microphones must stay with you when you turn your head
from side to side and must be directed toward the mouth of anyone you are
conversing with during the presentation.
Larry Wilde, the author of more than 50 humor books, tells the story of the
time he was auditioning to take over the television show Let’s Make a Deal
when Monte Hall retired. In the opening of the show he was supposed to engage
in small talk with an audience member. He went up to someone in the first row
and said, “Hi! What’s your name?” Although the audience member answered
him, there was dead silence in the sound booth. The sound men were actually
laughing at Larry because he neglected to hold the microphone near the mouth
of the audience member for the response. You might think this is common sense,
but try it out and you will see that it is not as easy as it looks. It takes practice
to do it smoothly.
If you are at a lectern, you should know how far your lips need to be from the
microphone. Hopefully you checked this out before the presentation started. If
that was not possible, you can watch the introducer or speakers that are on
before you to get a feel for the proper distance.
When using a handheld or lectern microphone be very careful in pronouncing
words that have the letter “p” in them. This letter tends to make a popping
sound that is very distracting. If you are using a handheld microphone, you
usually can significantly reduce the “p” sound problem if you hold the
microphone at a slight angle. If the microphone is fixed on the lectern, you can
de-emphasize the word with the “p” or turn your head slightly away from the

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Article Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

Article marketing is a great tool for driving targeted traffic to websites, opt-in pages and sales letters. Using the different article distribution sites can be a bit tricky, though. There are a few things to look out for when submitting articles to sites such as:

Tip # 1 – The most critical tip that Tom teaches about: Make sure your articles are on your own site first as a page of your website. Also, make sure that the article page on your site has been indexed by the search engines first before submitting to the article sites. To find out if a webpage has been indexed, copy and paste the URL of the page into the Google search box and hit “search.” If a clickable result appears, then the page has been indexed, if the result says: “Your search did not match any documents”, then it has not yet been indexed.

* We use the strategy of publishing to our websites first so that we get the credit in the search engines and not the big article sites. The site that publishes the article first gets the most credit.

Tip # 2 – That being said, make sure that your name is closely associated with the article on your webpage. ie: your name at the bottom of the article, your name at the top of the article or your name SOMEWHERE on the page that is easy to see. Article sites will reject articles that they can’t easily find the authorship. If they can’t find your name on your webpage and you try to submit the article to them, they will think you plagerized it. This can hold up the approval of your article for weeks.

Tip # 3 – Don’t make your author resource box too long, with too many clickable links or without a clear call to action. Not only will some article sites reject this as a violation of their Terms of Service, it confuses your readers. KEEP IT SIMPLE! On most article sites, you can create multiple resource boxes with clickable links to different webpages that correspond to the article subject matter. Take advantage of these.

Tip # 4 – Keep articles between 350 – 500 words. Articles work best if they are not too long, and your reader is still engaged in the point. Tom suggests that if your article is 1000 words or more, break it up into two articles. This will give you more material anyway!

Tip # 5 – Be sure to always use the Spell Checkers that the sites provide. I’ve seen way too many people submit without spell checking and the article site will reject it. Too much bad spelling and grammar, and you may not get valuable submission upgrades and could possibly have your account suspended.

Don’t believe that this sounds like too much trouble…it’s good practice when submitting articles to other respectable websites that can provide you valuable backlinks, lead generation and credibility. Article distribution sites get high quality traffic and quick results. It is an important marketing tool that every successful online business uses.

Tom Antion’s Ebay Store

I use my ebay store for a very unique and lucrative reason. This video
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