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Comment marketing: using forums and blog comments to help spread the word about your brand or business; moderating the comments on your own blogs or social profiles to add value to your brand and/or curate fan input into data.

Yes, the comments people leave on your blog can give your brand an extra amount of exposure. The way you answer your friend’s questions or comments on Facebook can help build your expertise and create an important interaction between you and your followers. How you use the comments they leave can help build your business: are they offering suggestions on what they would like to learn from you? Are they addressing their concerns about what’s working and not working in their business? These tidbits can be used to ‘curate’ their concerns into new products. Often, your friends and fans are telling you in a roundabout way what new information they’ll be seeking in the future.

Even the replies you leave on Yahoo! answers and forums can build your expert status and help drive traffic to your website. Do businesses know how important this is to their marketing and overall exposure on the web? Probably not. That’s why this is an opportunity for you to create a solution for their problems. These ideas in ‘comment marketing’ can help you create a niche career for yourself and have something unique to present to businesses that otherwise have no idea.

Comment marketing is easy and the concepts are simple to implement if you have the right training. Working from home in an Internet marketing career has never been this easy to obtain until now.



Public Speaking Cartoons

Amazing Public Speaking

You must be careful using cartoons during your presentation. Tom tells you a couple ways that are more safe. Over 450 public and professional speaking videos.

Making Money With Autoresponders

If you ask any successful Internet marketer what their #1 most important tool is for making money, they would almost all say the ‘autoresponder.’ This is an automated email message that goes out when someone either makes a purchase or subscribes to your newsletter on your website.

So, 24/7, or even while you’re sleeping, an automated message is going out to someone if they buy something from your website without you having to send them a massage manually from you email. What’s most important to marketers is the fact that you can a have a series of pre-made messages continue to go out to that website visitor every couple of days or weeks literally for years. These messages keep your brand alive in the mind of that prospect and can help make you money over and over.   

Autoresponders can contain instructions, special coupons, additional training, marketing messages or just plain old “How are you doing, I’ve been thinking about you” emails. Again, these are all on automatic, going out to hundreds of your prospects over and over withour you having to do a thing. This gives you time to create new products or enjoy life while automatically being in touch with your database of customers.

Check out the autoresponder service I use to make a fortune at

A Unique Home Based Business Opportunity

Tom’s Mentorship Program

How would you like to live in a mansion and have your computer going Ka-Ching all day long with orders and money coming into your computer?

That’s the way I’ve lived my life for many years because of the Internet. This isn’t hocus pocus or get rich quick. Check outTom Antion’s Mentorship Program for a more in depth video and learning brochure of how this all works.

Tom Antion’s Mentorship program
David Koons just went to the Great Internet Maketing Retreat Center. Here is what he had to say about his visit.

Tom Antion Storytelling Tips

Amazing Public Speaking
You can make money with your storytelling skills.
450 public and professional speaking videos.

Tom Antion’s Mentee Websites

Look at all the websites that Tom Antion’s program has built for his mentees! This is just a small sampling of the great businesses that Tom has helped create and these mentees even learned to maintain these websites for themselves, eliminating the costly need for web designers.

Check out this fast-paced video promo and when your ready to create online wealth for yourself, click on the link above to download the FREE brochure and watch the introductory video. Is this going to be your year to succeed?

Tom Antion Testimonial from Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards explains how Tom Antion’s ebook “The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” helped him.

How To Be a WordPress Website Consultant

That’s an easy one. I have 4 words for you:

Internet Marketing Training Center

After just finishing the first semester at IMTC, you’re qualified to help other people set up and develop their own WordPress websites. WordPress is the most popular website building platform in the history of the web. Just about every business is in need of their own inexpensive website that is easy enough to make changes on their own.

Dentists, chiropractors, doctors, dry cleaners, bars and nightclubs, vets, consultants… anyone who wants to do business on the web can use WordPress to get the job done. The problem is — they don’t know how. They need someone like you to help set them up and get the ball rolling. Then help them learn to make changes themselves, add products, utilize a shopping cart system and email. Being a WordPress website consultant is fun, lucrative and there’s no shortage of business.

Simple put, the first semester at IMTC gives you nearly everything you need to start a consultant business for yourself. In fact, it’s probably the most popular career choice for our students so far. They are working from home at their own hours and for themselves.

This could be you.