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Kayla Calloway Testimonial for IMTCVA
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I highly suggest you print this document out and take it with you to any seminar you attend and pass it on to anyone you know who attends seminars.

Some of the biggest names you know are totally involved in robbing you. When you read the article pay special attention to the use of “Dumbass Celebrity” endorsements and how they are used to screw you over.

Also, don’t forget to watch my “Top 20” webinar at about the sociopathic minds in the seminar industry.”


Quote by famous scammer: “If you think you can’t be scammed, I want to meet you.”


Update on my anti-scam work:

=> Two shows being shopped in Hollywood (you can volunteer here for Antion’s Army)

=> One documentary in development

=> I’m doing lots of consumer advocate TV segments

=> Have a former White House staffer teaching me the ropes of how to get the government and FTC involved and introducing me to congressional leaders. (I’m always happy for introductions to any anti-scam people you know who would like to hear about my work.)

=> I was contacted by the producer of a major network investigative show (he talked to me for almost an hour about the “Top 20 Article above”) I also pointed him directly to my main target list of scammers.

=> I’m making my main targets household names at every white collar crime organization.

=> I’ve got eyes and ears on the bad guy’s and girl’s seminars. I love getting texts from audience members when the seminar leader starts to pull one of the scams.

=> I know I’m making headway because I’ve caused the generation of refunds – even though the scammers force people to sign a gag order to get their refund the people getting the refunds run to me to tell me about it anyway.

Also, some of the dipshits are putting high security on their seminars and almost frisking you at the door. Anyway, please volunteer for Antion’s Army at At the site there is a listing of all the types of people we need from researchers, to security people to undercover investigators.

Be careful and guard your wallet. These professional level sociopaths will say anything, do anything and act anyway necessary to rob you.

Tom Antion

Consumer Advocate

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