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Social Media Strategies

Here is a helpful info graphic I found on on strategies that can help you build your audience on social media. Your social media marketing strategy should include steps on how to establish yourself and build brand awareness. Use social media to establish relationships with the consumer so that they look at you as an expert in your industry.




If you manage a Facebook page, Facebook announced that they updated its Page Terms to make it easier for managers and administrators to run promotions on their timeline.

In the past businesses had to rely on third party apps for their contests and  entrants had to give “permission” to let a third party app access their profile which turned a lot of users off. Now they can choose to administer the promotions directly on their Timelines. For example businesses can now:

  • Collect entries by having users post on the page or comment/like a page post.
  • Collect entries by having users message the page.
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism.

    (Source: Facebook for Business Blog)

    The changes do not affect personal profiles and they still don’t allow promotions or contests. The update also address tagging, “Our Pages Terms now prohibit Pages from tagging or encouraging people to tag themselves in content that they are not actually depicted in,” according to the Facebook for Business Blog.

    The is great news for business owners because:

    • You can get more engagement and participation directly on your wall with likes and comments
    • You can advertise your promotion by using a Facebook ads and reach a larger audience
    • Easier for small business to build awareness

    If you are looking to run a more complex promotion to collect names and email addresses you will still need to use a third party app for your tabs. Overall with all the changes Facebook wants marketer to focus on creating engaging content for their audience.

    How do you plan to use the changes to Facebook promotions to build brand awareness for your business?

    You can read the downloadable PDF on the changes here.

  • Social Media Image Specifications


    If you are setting up a new social media profile or updating your current profile this infographic can help you get started. The following infographic that I found on  shows you the image specifications for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkeddIN, and YouTube. As a business online it is important that you make use of the space that is given to you. You want your profile to represent your business accurately with images that will enforce brand awareness.




    Facebook Changes to Story Bumping


    Facebook has made some major changes to its news feed. The change has been labeled as “Story Bumping” the changes will affect how stories are displayed on your timeline. Story bump will move older stories to the top of a users News Feed. With the previous News Feed algorithm, Facebook only posted the newest stories at the top of a users timeline so every time user logged in only the freshest content remained at the top. The changes will prevent people from missing stories because they were at the bottom of their timeline. Facebook wants to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time so they can view stories that are important to them.

    The changes are designed to give users relevant content in their News Feed. Advertisements are not affected by the changes.

    “Last Actor” is another change that will work with the new Story Bumping timeline. Last Actor bumps up the content from the last 50 interactions you had on Facebook. If you have “Liked” or commented on someone’s content, that persons content will show up higher in your timeline.  The new update will let organic stories to reappear near the top of the News Feed if the stories are still getting a lot of engagement. Story Bumping will streamline a users timeline with stories they want to see if they missed it the first time. As a marketer your goals should be to roll with the changes and not work against the changes. You should continue to product relevant and engaging content that your followers will be happy to Like, share, or comment.


    Talk To Your Facebook and Twitter Fans

    Just Sayin' App for iOS

    Have you heard about this cool app Just Sayin’for your iPhone or iPad?

    This is a free voice conversation app for social media. You can use your Facebook and Twitter profile to engage with your fans by speaking to them. The way the app works, is that you post voice-recorded messages onto the platform that your audience can listen to. This is a great idea because it will allow you to converse with your friends and find new friends using your voice.

    As a consumer I often wonder how the owners of my favorite brands sound. People want to feel connected with the companies the love and follow, thats is why video has been doing so well because it gives the consumer an inside look. With the Just Sayin’ app you can invite your audience into your world and give them a piece of you that makes you truly unique, your voice via quick social media updates.

    Small business owners and entrepreneurs can use this app to record instructions, daily quotes, quick tips, and to update you network with anything new in your industry. Check it out here!

    Focus on Your Readers

    I read a lot of website content and I’m amazed by the words and topics that the website author use to attract traffic. Often, it has little to do with who is really coming to the site, but rather what the website author assumes people want and need. Just because you are knowledgeable about a certain topic and are effective at writing about it doesn’t mean that it’s sitting well with your visitors.

    Keep a eye on your website analytics. A lot of new business owners put off looking at their website analytics. A few reasons why business owners but their website analytics on the the back burner because they assume they are not “big enough” or decide “I will wait till I start making money.” You should start monitoring your analytics from the beginning your website analytics can reveal a lot of information about your visitors and their actions on your website. Analytics also point out areas on your website that need improvements. Here are some warning signs that your content may be lacking:

    • a high ‘bounce’ rate – check your website stats and see how long people are staying on the site
    • no one sharing your posts
    • no one commenting on your posts
    • using keyword phrases that are ‘insider’ jargon
    • using keyword phrases with very low monthly search numbers

    How do you know who is actually visiting the site? Why are they really there?

    Checking your website stats for “keyword traffic sources” will give you critical information on what people were searching for that led them to your site. It may be phrases that you didn’t think anyone was searching for. You can also use a polling application on the site to ask people “Who are you?” and “What are you interested in learning?” The visitors to your website may be there looking for information that is lacking in your content, and when they see it’s not there, they leave.

    • Are you selling “make money in real estate” info for consumers, but agents are coming there instead?
    • Are you writing about “retail jewelry trends” for crafters, but consumer jewelry buyers are visiting instead?
    • Are you writing posts about speakers (public speakers) and getting people looking for stereo speakers instead? (true story)

    Once you start using your website analytics to benefits your business you will be amazed by the results that a few simple changes can have on your traffic. Before you waste any more time writing, find out who is really coming to your website. Then offer them exactly what they were looking for.