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Got Video?


December 6, 2013 is my last VIP Video Day of the year

Would you like to have a powerpacked day of video training and shooting?


Exclusive Video Training Day at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat   Center

Video is exploding and it costs a fortune to have someone else do it for you.

In this power packed day for only 4 people at a time I show you all the equipment and lighting needed to make gorgeous and profitable video.


Each participant gets an hour on camera to shoot a bunch of videos in our high def studio.

My affordable price is even better when you know we have a zero interest option where you don’t even have to pay for six months if you pay with Paypal.

If you want to learn:

  • How to make a $50,000.00 production about you and your company for only pennies on the dollar….a video like this will help you SMASH your competitors.
  • All about video equipment like tripods, lights, microphones, ear prompters, clamps, diffusion, gels, etc.. . . what you need and what you don’t need and how to buy it cheap

Only 1 date available before the end of the year.

Friday Dec. 6th 4 slots left

Friday Jan. 17th 4 slots left

Friday Jan. 23 includes ButtCamp E-marketing seminar on the 24th and 25th
(4 slots left)

Monday Jan. 26th includes ButtCamp Emarketing seminar on the 24th and 25th

Click Picture for more details:


I’ll see you over there.

Tom Antion


Improve Your Opt- in Box With These 7 Tips

Opt-in boxes are extremely important to your success online because they will help you build your email list. There are many different types of opt -in boxes you should test the different options to see which one grabs your readers attention and converts better. There are a few basic elements that any good opt- in box should include:

Include  a lot of benefits

Include the main benefits near the point where the person has to make a decision to put in their email address. Opt ins haven’t been a novelty for over 10 years. People are afraid you will spam them to death so you must make it extremely enticing for people to risk putting in their email address.

2. Use Blank fields

A blank field will send the psychological message to the person looking at it that they should put something in the empty field. Don’t simply put a link to your opt in box or worse yet, have it as one of your regular navigation buttons. People will gloss over it an many will never see it.

3.Decide what information you want from vistors

People want to do as little work as possible If you require a visitor fill fill out a long form they will probably back out of your website. Depending on the goal of your opt-in you may intentionally want less people to sign up. For example if you have to follow up with your opt- ins by phone you want your follow up to be with people that are seriously interested in what you are offering. Certainly the more info they are willing to fill out, the more qualified they are. When simply giving away a free digital newsletter or download you want to keep it simple.

4. Above the fold

Your opt in boxes should be positioned high on your page so visitors can see it without scrolling down. That doesn’t mean you can’t have additional signup areas further down the page, but in most cases we want at least one signup area on the first screen someone sees when they visit your site.

5. Multiple locations

Your website can have multiple locations to sign people up and you should have at least one sign up area on every major page of your site. Remember people can enter your site on any page. They may never see your home page so it’s important to have signup areas all over the place.

6. Put the opt in form in an unblock-able pop up box.

This is a real attention grabber and forces the visitor to look at your opt in box. Unblockable pop up boxes are made with code called “Dynamic HTML” also known as “DHTML”. You can buy inexpensive dynamic pop up box generators. Search google for them. Most will show you a sample of the type of boxes they will make. Some will drop in from the top of the page and bounce. Some will slide in from the left and leave to the right. Some will follow the visitor all the way down the page. You may want to set “cookies” on the boxes so they only show a limited amount of times for any particular visitor.

7. A Freebie 

Make sure you give your readers a reason to joint your list. Give away something of value like a PDF, Video file, or an e-course. Your target market has specific interests and you should cater to them if you want your list to grow.



5 Actionable Video Marketing Tips

Marketing is the difference between a successful business and one that fails. Marketing is how you find, attract, and connect with your target market. Video is a fast growing segment in digital advertising. Many consumers prefer video because our brains are wired for motion and we like to be entertained. You should use video to:

  • answer frequently asked questions.
  • give behind the scenes look of business
  • welcome visitors to website
  • highlight a new product or service
  • how to’s
  • repurpose a blog post


Video marketing is a great way to engage and connect with your target market here are some tips to consider for your next video:

1. Produce professional quality videos:

iPads and iPhones create great video with some practice you will be able to create quick how to videos for your website or blog posts. You do not need to hire a producer or a Hollywood set to shoot great video.

2. Tell a story:

To engage your target market you should tell a story that is both informative and shows your personality. You want your viewers to remember you and what you have to offer. Take some time and think about your target market. What can you teach them? What’s new in the industry? This is a great way to showcase your knowledge and position yourself as an expert in your field.

3. Build credibility and trust:

Consumers love seeing the face behind the brand. Showing of your knowledge via video is a great way to connect with your best customer.

4. Include your URL in your video

Gain exposure for your brand by including your URL as text inside the video

5. Always include a Call to Action

Ask your viewers to take some action at the end of your video. Depending on the purpose of the video ask viewer to sign up for email list, leave a comment, like page, or visit your page.

If you want to get a hands on approach and reveal the professional video techniques I use, I am inviting you to visit me on one of my upcoming VIP video days. Click here to get more information.

You can also view my webinar with Mike Stewart where he teaches us, How to Create Great Video with Your iPad or iPhone.  Mike Stewart is a master at showing you the absolute easiest way to get high quality videos off your iPad and iPhone. Visit my webinar replays here and in the middle of the page you will see 






Create Epic Content

Content marketing is the theme for 2013. There has been a shift in the way consumers purchase products and interact with brands or businesses. The popularity of social networking took the marketing world by storm. Social networking is the reason why the marketing industry has changed.

– Consumers can see reviews, complaints, and suggestions all with a simple search or glance at their timeline.

– Consumers do not hesitate to tell friends and family about good or bad service. Word of mouth advertisement has always been huge but with social networking, telling your immediate friends and family has turned into telling your whole network.

-There are also many other businesses that target the same audience as you. That’s not a deal breaker, because if there is a demand for something that means people are buying and interested. You just need to stand out, by showcasing your personality and what makes you and your business unique. You want people to like you and trust you. If 3 people are selling the exact same chocolate bars, you have to figure out what approach will win the consumers business.

Content marketing has become a popular marketing technique because there is a lot of competition and the consumer has the ability to easily access data that can quickly influence their buying decision. As a business owner you have to set yourself apart from the crowd. Content marketing shows the consumer that you are in business to help them, you understand their needs and wants, you value any time they spend with your products or services, and you appreciate their loyalty to your brand. You are in the process of forming true relationships and not just trying to get a sale so, naturally you should say,“Thank you!” Show the consumer you appreciate them, even if they haven’t bought anything yet, they will soon.

I personally think many successful businesses have used some steps of the Content marketing approach for many years before it actually became the thing “thing to do.”

It seems like every Internet Marketer is rushing to take advantage of Content Marketing but don’t get discouraged if you don’t completely understand, I will help. It is not a new Internet trend; this is something you should get a full understanding of if you plan to be successful online. Content Marketing is a streamlined approach to a few different techniques that have been around for years.

1. Pick a niche market

2. Define your target audience

3. Start thinking like the consumer that is in the market for your products or services so you can offer solutions to their problems.

4. Use social networks to talk to and study the habits of the consumers in your target audience.

5. Find key people in your niche constantly and learn from them.

6. Offer free content to your target audience through the platform that agrees most with your product or services. Social networking, e-Books, webinars, blogs, articles, white papers, or newsletters are all platforms that you can use to reach out to your consumer.

7. Make sure all your content is conversational, engaging, and timely. Free is good but don’t just throw something together because it is free. It has to be something of value. The consumer will see right through any halfhearted attempts to offer free content that is junk or old material.

What are some of your Content marketing approaches for your online business?

Entrepreneurs who learn to write good copy for the web can increase traffic to their websites and blogs. There is a focus on social media right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Weather you are in business doing your own social media campaigns, an agency, or a consultant working for a client, copywriting is a technique that is worth spending time on to learn.

Once you learn the simple copywriting techniques you will see your fan base grow and assuming you are offering something that is a great value you will increase your profits. This is a great time to start taking social media serious for growing your business.

 Techniques for Creating Irresistible Social Media Content

Get to the point!

People are scrolling throughout their Facebook timelines and Twitter feeds via mobile. Our society has trained us to have short attention spans so people get bored easily. Use your personality get straight to the point and tell people what you want them to do! No need for beating around the bush! Keep it short and sweet if you want anybody to read your content and take action.

Be consistent with your image

There are tons of social media platforms for you to choose from for your business. I recommend picking as many that you can handle and making sure  the message you are sending out is consistent with your image. Write in a way that will cohesively work with your image. Stay true to who you are so you can attract the target market that will best suit your business.

Use an active voice

The way you write on social media is critical. In retail sales they say “Don’t ask, Tell”  You want to spark interest so they the reader will click, like, or re-tweet. Tell people what to do by using an active voice and strong verbs. The subject performs the action of the verb. For example: This technique will fix your number one social media problem, follow this link! vs  Fix your social media problem with this technique.

Be creative and build excitement with an element of urgency

You want the reader to act now so give them a reason to. Build excitement and be creative.


Ultimately you want people to read and click on your content. There are millions of other people doing the same establish what makes you different with your copy. Be creative and be yourself.

Use Hashtags to Find Your Target Market




Hashtags are everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Google+ all use hashtags. Do you completely understand how they can help your business?

Hashtags help Internet marketers communicate online. It is very important you know how to implement hashtags into your social media marketing strategy. Hashtags allow you to join conversations about anything that is relevant to your industry with real time public conversations being displayed. Think of keywords, use targeted keywords to get the best results. You should use this feature to engage with consumers and stay current with the news in your industry. A marketer can also add hashtags in an advertising campaigns to amplify your reach over multiple social networks.

Hashtags are a great way to organize content and be active on the current trends. I have seen some hashtag abuse so I am offering a few suggestions to make sure you are getting the most bang for your efforts.

Hashtag Etiquette

1. Make sure your hashtag relates to your message. Do not add hashtags to a message if it has nothing to do with the message, that is considered hashtag spamming. It will also make you look like you don’t know what you are doing. Consumers don’t want to search #Dogs and end up seeing a picture of a bird in the results.

2. Keep your hashtags short and to the point. Three words should be the maximum for a single hashtag. Anything longer becomes really hard to read and your message may be lost in translation. For example; #HashtagsThatTurnIntoSentencesAndGoesOnForALongTimeAreAnnoying.

3. Use hashtags to help build brand awareness. By creating a unique hashtag for your business you are starting a new real-time feed with that particular hashtag. So when a consumer clicks on your unique hashtag they will pull up your businesses messages, pictures, or links. An unique hashtag will also help you get noticed and bring attention back to your business.

4. Do not hashtag every word in your message. A message with a lot of hashtags is hard for the consumer to read, so focus on the subject of your message and add your hashtags at the end.

5. No spaces between words. If you want to make your hashtag easier to read use capital letters #SocialMediaMarketing will pull up the same results as #socialmediamarketing

6. Punctuation marks and special characters are not supported.

7. Search using hashtags you will be amazed to find out all the valuable info that is hiding behind some of the most used hashtag in social media.

Hashtags are great tool for marketers and now that all the major social networks are supporting clickable hashtags this will be very helpful when trying to engage with the consumer.

Popular Hashtags for Professional Speakers


Do you plan on using hashtags for your business?