Self publishing authors have a hard time developing a marketing plan to get the word out about their book.
If you have a lot of money, you can do this with ease. But the problem is, not everybody can afford to publish their book hard-bound. It will cost you money, time and effort.

Here are some tips for indie writers on how to market books without spending too much and also to further spread the word about your book.

Publish an eBook First

eBooks nowadays are more marketable compared to print books. This is due to the fact that you only need an internet connection and a computer to buy and read these materials. Even print books have digital versions so it will reach farther than you can imagine. One of the best ways on how to sell more books is to publish your eBook first. The moment it gets noticed by enthusiasts in your genre, the more they will request for a hardbound book.

Make Your Book Look Professionally Designed

They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well nobody will decide to read your book if you overlook the importance of making it look good. Many authors tend to forget to make a good book look good. But in terms of literature, the front cover can give a profound first impression on the potential reader. Book front covers vary from design and layout and this is very important for selling your book. Even though the content may be good, if the cover bores your readers or doesn’t fit their taste, there is a big chance of them not buying it.

The most important thing in terms of front covers is that you need to have it designed professionally. Making it look professional can make it more marketable. Do your research about your genre on book sites to make you more familiar with different layouts. The more you familiarize, the faster you can decide on what layout you will choose.


Have Your Book Professionally Edited

With every good book lies a very good critique. Having experts check out your work is a big help. If you have the money, have a professional editor check your work. He can point out even the most minute details that can make or break your book. But if you can’t afford a professional, you can still have it critiqued by groups in your field. This also facilitates brainstorming and sharing of ideas which are a plus if you want to grow as an author.

Have a Book Series

In order for you to get more recognition, having an archive of books is a great help. The bigger your virtual shelf, the more people will check not just your books, but also your profile as an author.