Tired of writing boring blog

Blogs tend to entertain us and give us information on any topic we want to search about. It’s another way to share your insights and feelings toward certain issues that spark the interest of people. This form of social media is for the patient ones and for the book worms. Blog posts help you build creditability you shouldn’t post just for the sake of posting – you need to be very informative and engaging.


We all know that too much of anything is never good. The same goes for blogs with nothing but words and letters. Who would want to keep their eyes busy just by looking at monochrome letters with paragraphs that are longer than your patience? Maybe a few do like this but this doesn’t apply to most blog viewers.


Humans are visual creatures which means, we are attracted to anything that stimulates our sense of vision. Depriving that sense can easily bore anyone and even lose interest in the process.


Here are different ways on how to substitute that boring content with something unconventional. These are not the usual blog ideas that you could use but it will sure tickle everybody’s cerebral cortex. Let us find out what some of them are and it could even let you hatch an egg, of more ideas that is.


  • Picture Gallery – Nothing sparks more interest in the human mind than seeing a picture before their eyes. Making a photo gallery of your pictures that serve as a connection to your blog and yourself. It shows more of your personal experiences with situations but keep in mind that your gallery needs to be relevant to the topic of your blog post. Example, if you travelled to a country and would like to share your experience to your blog viewers, you can take pictures of the local places, tourist spots and other things which represent the culture of the country you’re visiting. This makes your blog more interesting.


  • Collection of Quotes – If you love sharing quotes then this is for you. Making a quote collection can flock viewers to your blog. People love a good quote to make their day and fulfill their request. Example, if your forte or interest is about art or drawing, you can start building your collection by researching or making it yourself. Doing this can help somebody go through their day without knowing it.


  • Videos – Videos make life more fun and your perception towards anything changes instantly. Creating a video series related to your topic is a bit effortless for you don’t need to type a lot of words. You just need to say in front of the camera and tell everybody what you want to say. It’s that easy.


  • Podcasts – If you hate writing but love sharing ideas and information, then making podcasts are one of these ways. The advantage of podcasting is that if you reached a high level of success, your podcast can be featured on websites and the iTunes top list. This leads to more blog views.


These are some of the best things to substitute for letters and words in blogs. If monochromatic characters give you a bore, try any of these suggestions. It will surely make your blog something to look out for.