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Boring Blog Post Substitutions


Tired of writing boring blog

Blogs tend to entertain us and give us information on any topic we want to search about. It’s another way to share your insights and feelings toward certain issues that spark the interest of people. This form of social media is for the patient ones and for the book worms. Blog posts help you build creditability you shouldn’t post just for the sake of posting – you need to be very informative and engaging.


We all know that too much of anything is never good. The same goes for blogs with nothing but words and letters. Who would want to keep their eyes busy just by looking at monochrome letters with paragraphs that are longer than your patience? Maybe a few do like this but this doesn’t apply to most blog viewers.


Humans are visual creatures which means, we are attracted to anything that stimulates our sense of vision. Depriving that sense can easily bore anyone and even lose interest in the process.


Here are different ways on how to substitute that boring content with something unconventional. These are not the usual blog ideas that you could use but it will sure tickle everybody’s cerebral cortex. Let us find out what some of them are and it could even let you hatch an egg, of more ideas that is.


  • Picture Gallery – Nothing sparks more interest in the human mind than seeing a picture before their eyes. Making a photo gallery of your pictures that serve as a connection to your blog and yourself. It shows more of your personal experiences with situations but keep in mind that your gallery needs to be relevant to the topic of your blog post. Example, if you travelled to a country and would like to share your experience to your blog viewers, you can take pictures of the local places, tourist spots and other things which represent the culture of the country you’re visiting. This makes your blog more interesting.


  • Collection of Quotes – If you love sharing quotes then this is for you. Making a quote collection can flock viewers to your blog. People love a good quote to make their day and fulfill their request. Example, if your forte or interest is about art or drawing, you can start building your collection by researching or making it yourself. Doing this can help somebody go through their day without knowing it.


  • Videos – Videos make life more fun and your perception towards anything changes instantly. Creating a video series related to your topic is a bit effortless for you don’t need to type a lot of words. You just need to say in front of the camera and tell everybody what you want to say. It’s that easy.


  • Podcasts – If you hate writing but love sharing ideas and information, then making podcasts are one of these ways. The advantage of podcasting is that if you reached a high level of success, your podcast can be featured on websites and the iTunes top list. This leads to more blog views.


These are some of the best things to substitute for letters and words in blogs. If monochromatic characters give you a bore, try any of these suggestions. It will surely make your blog something to look out for.


4 Quick Tips on Selling More Books


Self publishing authors have a hard time developing a marketing plan to get the word out about their book.
If you have a lot of money, you can do this with ease. But the problem is, not everybody can afford to publish their book hard-bound. It will cost you money, time and effort.

Here are some tips for indie writers on how to market books without spending too much and also to further spread the word about your book.

Publish an eBook First

eBooks nowadays are more marketable compared to print books. This is due to the fact that you only need an internet connection and a computer to buy and read these materials. Even print books have digital versions so it will reach farther than you can imagine. One of the best ways on how to sell more books is to publish your eBook first. The moment it gets noticed by enthusiasts in your genre, the more they will request for a hardbound book.

Make Your Book Look Professionally Designed

They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well nobody will decide to read your book if you overlook the importance of making it look good. Many authors tend to forget to make a good book look good. But in terms of literature, the front cover can give a profound first impression on the potential reader. Book front covers vary from design and layout and this is very important for selling your book. Even though the content may be good, if the cover bores your readers or doesn’t fit their taste, there is a big chance of them not buying it.

The most important thing in terms of front covers is that you need to have it designed professionally. Making it look professional can make it more marketable. Do your research about your genre on book sites to make you more familiar with different layouts. The more you familiarize, the faster you can decide on what layout you will choose.


Have Your Book Professionally Edited

With every good book lies a very good critique. Having experts check out your work is a big help. If you have the money, have a professional editor check your work. He can point out even the most minute details that can make or break your book. But if you can’t afford a professional, you can still have it critiqued by groups in your field. This also facilitates brainstorming and sharing of ideas which are a plus if you want to grow as an author.

Have a Book Series

In order for you to get more recognition, having an archive of books is a great help. The bigger your virtual shelf, the more people will check not just your books, but also your profile as an author.

Are You On Twitter?


Are you using Twitter to market your brand and services? I love helping entrepreneurs grow their public speaking and author platform and I am here to keep you in the loop.

Did you see the new Twitter profile yet?

It definitely catches the eye! I know you have probably been working real hard writing or promoting your book, so I will give you the inside scoop. Twitter rolled out a profile redesign that puts your great content on display.

Here is what changed:

Larger profile photo: Show off those pearly whites with a professional looking headshot. The new size is 400 x 400 pixels.

Your header image: Takes up more real estate the size is now 1500 x 500 pixels. This is a great area to highlight your brands products and services. 

Best Tweets: The Tweets on your profile with the most engagement will appear in a larger text, so viewers can find your best content easily.

Pinned Tweet: You can pin one of your favorite tweets to the top of your profile. This is great for marketers, to display to their followers what your brand is all about.

You can use the Pin Tweet feature to highlight:

  • An upcoming webinar
  • Your Opt – in offer
  • Pin a tweet that explains what to expect from your services.

Look for ways to drive emotion so viewers will be compelled to follow you. There are many options here just make sure you always put your best foot forward with valuable content that people would want to share.

Filtered Tweets: You can choose what timeline to view when surfing Twitter profiles. Your options are Tweets, Tweets with photos/ videos or Tweets and replies.

Change is good and if your working online you know change is constant. How will you use the new Pin Tweet feature?

Also, make sure you get your graphics designer the new profile picture and header dimensions so you can take advantage of layout.

So go check out the changes and don’t forget to follow me once your their @TomAntion.



Social Media Marketing, Consuming vs Producing




Are you a busy entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a consultant, or an author looking to capitalize on the time you spend on social media marketing?

Dp you you want to know how to maintain a consistent brand presence on social media without wasting hours of time?

You heard a million myths about why you should or shouldn’t automate your social media and not sure what to believe.

You envision a perfect solution, one that can give you a balance between automation and engagement for your brand.

You are not alone many entrepreneurs run into these same issues.  I recommend social media automation. In this post I will cover how  automation can help you manage your social media marketing.


Social Media Automation

Establishing and executing an effective social media marketing strategy isn’t easy. You heard it all before, give your target market what they need and solve their problems. You constantly hear, send out links to relevant information, respond quickly to questions and comments and do it all while maintaining your business.


Why Automate?

You should automate some of your social media activity to make sure you are using your time effectively. With automation you will be able to focus your energy on engaging with your target audience. You can also establish a strategy for the content that you want to post. A social media automation strategy also allows you to update multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

Does this sound like you?

Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what content to share?

Do you log in the various social media platforms and you find yourself clicking links, scrolling through the news feed and reading blog updates?

Do you often times feel overwhelmed when you log in?

I understand that managing social media can be very time consuming and overwhelmimg. But, with a strategy you can begin to manage your time more effectively. Constantly stressing out over what content to post or share takes away from the time you should be engaging with your audience. Automating your social media accounts can help you streamline your marketing efforts.


Remember: Social media is all about establishing a relationship with people that are interested in you and your business. So engagement should be a priority when you log in.


Content is everywhere! As an entrepreneur it is your goal to manage the flow and distribute content that you think your audience will be interested in.


There is an abundance of content floating around on social media and sometimes we as entrepreneurs get sucked in the mix with no strategy and no time which is a combination for disaster. By automating your content you are taking the stress out of trying to figure out what you want to produce. Automation involves scheduling content ahead of time so it can be delivered to your audience.

 Social Media Circle of Life

1. You must consume content so that you can stay current in your industry

2. You must engage so that you can bring awareness to your brand

3. You must produce so that you can become the go to expert with in your community.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the constantly consuming trap. They never set time aside to engage and when it is time to produce they have no idea what to say. It is real easy to log in and never talk to anybody. Have you ever been guilty of reading blogs, clicking links  and browsing but never actually engaging? if you answered yes,  a balanced strategy can help you can stay focus when you log in.


You can automate

  • Links to your blog posts
  • Quotes/ Motivation
  • Questions
  • Links to content


Plan of Attack!


When you log in  for your social media session decide if you are there to consume or produce.

Let me explain the difference:

Consuming Content is clicking on links, reading blog posts, and reading status updates.

Producing content is sharing content that either you produced or somebody in your industry.


If you decide you are logging in to consume great! Set the timer and click away. While you are consuming all the great information written by your peers take note of any useful information you come across that can benefit your audience.  If you decide you are logging in to produce content send out a link to your blog and share interesting information published by others.

This is where automation can help. The tools I use are and

Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses that helps busy entrepreneurs streamline their workflow. Hootesuite gives you the  ability to schedule updates to multiple social media platforms. I use Hootsuite to schedule motivational quotes, questions, and links to my blog posts. Also, if something needs to be sent out at a specific time during the day I use Hootsuite. allows you to share content that you find online to multiple social media platforms. Buffer is great if you find a article or blog post that you would like to share with your community you can add that to your Buffer account. Buffer picks the best times to send out your content, so make sure anything that you want to share via Buffer is content that is evergreen and not something with time restrictions.

Once you set up your Hootsuite and Buffer the time you spend consuming can be use to produce content. Once you fill up your Hootsuite and Buffer with content you can now focus on engagement. Engagement is the key to forming a relationship with your community.

Do you plan on using social media automation for your business?













Working in an industry that is forever changing can be a gift and curse for your brand. You know by now It is super competitive in the business world. Keeping up with current changes, news and trends in your industry can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

The Internet is the land of opportunity, for entrepreneurs. It is also the land of distractions and shiny objects.

You can learn how to determine what industry changes are important for your brand with research. Being around and using your experience also helps with this process.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you discover how to identify what is good for your brand in a world where change is constant.

For example a social media manager job is to keep up with all the different social media platforms for many clients.

They have to determine what social media changes will affect the marketing goals of their clients. It is not possible to commit 100% to every shiny object and be successful. So, when evaluating the importance of news or trends the social media manager has to keep the core values core values, mission and goals of their client first.

In this post I will introduce you to 4 basic and entrepreneur friendly processes that can help your brand roll with the change.

The Internet is full of shiny objects and it is easy to get distracted with the next best thing. If you want to survive in a changing industry you must be clear and stick to your brands core values, mission and goals.
You should focus on what makes your brand special. This approach will help you weed out processes and shiny objects that are not worth your time. Staying current and in the loop will allow you to make educated decisions when evaluating your industry.

Marketing, is marketing no mater the platform and one critical step is knowing what your competitors are doing. I don’t say this so you can go out there and copy them, but you should be aware of what is or isn’t working in your industry. Being aware will help you establish your own path for the future of your brand.

Below, I list 4 Effective Ways You Can Stay Current in Any Industry Online:


Find and Follow Your Competitors on Social Media

For starters both Facebook and Twitter have an option to build various lists.

A list will allow you to group certain accounts together in one area so you can filter out distractions. You can set up a list to follow key influencers, competitors and consumers in your industry. So when you log in you have easy access to the most important industry news.
You can elect to follow competitors either publicly or privately via lists.
Social media is a great platform for keeping up with key industry leaders and the larger brands. They have the resources and money to analyze market trends and love sharing their insight.

Set Up Google Alerts

It is free and effective you can get updates on your competitors activity online. You can also add alerts for keywords in your industry. You have the option to select what is important to you such as video, blogs or forum discussions. You can have the alerts sent to your email daily, weekly or as they happen.

Become an Opt- In List Fanatic!

I recommend joining key competitors email lists so you can see their processes and current campaigns. This will help you with content ideas and approaches for your own brand.

Make a Continuous Effort to be a Student in Your Industry

I believe entrepreneurs should stay open to learning new things. Sharing what you learn will allow your community to engage and give their opinion. You can also test different mediums for sharing your own content and test what gets the most engagement. When is the last time you learned something new in your industry?

All the research and competitor analysis will not matter if during the process you loose sight of your brands core values. Focus on going out of your way to give value so you can stay top of mind with your audience.

Analyzing competitors will help you understand your target market and industry. Use some creativity and your own point of view. Try to place yourself in the consumers shoes so you can relate. If you begin to create products that are relevant to your consumers your brand will grow.

How do you keep up with changes in your industry?



Content marketing is not going anywhere. Content works directly with your social media strategy.

Content creation is a great way to bring in more prospects and profits. And you do want more prospects and profits, right?

The struggle for many content marketers, both new and experienced, is consistently coming up with ideas for creating content. I’ve noticed that many go through a few stages in their struggle to come up with content ideas.

Let’s take a closer look at those three stages and more importantly, what to do about each one.

3 Stages

Stage 1 – Ideas are not flowing – When you sit down to create content you have to repeatedly stop and think about what to write about. The flow has not stopped, it’s just not as easy as it normally is for you.

What to Do – Step back and brainstorm. Make a list of content ideas. Don’t edit – just brainstorm. This is something you need to be doing anyway, so you always have a list of content ideas from which to pull. You should block out and schedule a time to produce your content.

Stage 2 – Ideas are a struggle – Even when you look at a list of your ideas, nothing pops out for you. It feels like you are seeing the ideas on a list, but they are not making sense in your head, and not making the trip from your head to your fingers.

What to Do – Take a trip to your supermarket and check out the titles on the covers of the magazines in the checkout line. Thousands of dollars have been spent deciding how to title these articles. Find titles that you can use in your niche and get busy creating great content. Sometimes we get stuck trying to be like everybody else. look for inspiration but sure you always follow your own unique flow.

Stage 3 – You are beginning to believe in writer’s block, even though it does not exist. Ideas are not only not flowing, ideas are just plain stuck. Your frustration level is high, and you’re honestly getting a little bit frightened by your lack of ideas.

What to Do – Go to your topic in EzineArticles and look at some of the top articles in your niche. See which ones are getting lots of traffic. Choose an idea that you know will appeal to your community and simply do a better job with it.This is not plagiarism. This is research because you are simply looking for ideas. You are not copying what someone else has said, you are just going to do a better treatment of it because of your skills. Look for areas for improvement. Did the article writer leave out an important step or was the explanation confusing?

The Next Step – Grab your spot in our upcoming webinar “Profitable Content Creation – How to Create Profitable Content in 20 Minutes or Less with Jeff Herring” Hosted by Tom Antion

When: Thursday February 27th at 8 pm EST

Register for the webinar by clicking the image below!


Rub Shoulders With Book Industry Experts

Author101 Los Angeles


Are you ready to take action and turn your writing and ideas into a profitable business?

This can be your jumpstart to a better life and business.
If you are writing a book, thinking about writing a book, or already have a book you can learn how to take your efforts to the next level.

Grow your brand the right way. There is so much hype being passed around online, it is easy for any entrepreneur to get lost and feel overwhelmed.

If you are ready to complete your journey of writing a book, establishing your platform and increasing your business opportunities I would love to see you at:

Event: Author 101 University

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Authors, consultants, speakers and entrepreneurs like yourself fly in from all over the world to network with leading marketing and publishing experts.

Invest in yourself and business and enjoy a power packed weekend with me and a ton of industry experts.

There is so much experience and knowledge between Rick Frishman, Wendy Lipton Dibner, Lisa Cherney, Barbara DeAngelis, Alex Carroll, John Assaraf, Starley Murray, Peter Hoppenfeld, Roberto Candelaria and many others you should be prepared to learn and take action.

This select group of authors, consultants, speakers, information marketers, and other entrepreneurs have been generating
hundreds of thousands dollars, of publicity for themselves while
everyone else have been fighting it out to sell their book one at
a time through every expensive and time consuming method they can
think of.

Author 101 University is one of the longest running, most credible seminars in the book industry.

See what previous attendees had to say >>>

Authors and entrepreneurs walked away feeling empowered to live their dreams. The experts at Author 101 University share the knowledge and tools that will help you create a successful author platform. Building an author platform is how you can make sure your brand will be around for the long haul.

If you are ready for some fun use RUBIX (that’s my dog) as the coupon code (get $100 off) when you check out and remember….you can bring a friend which pretty much cuts your expenses in half and
gives you a built in accountability partner.

I think you should visit the site and see everything we have in store for you. Watch my video at:

I can’t wait to see you there.

Catch ya
Tom Antion

Efficiency vs Effectiveness


Efficiency and effectiveness are common words used in marketing and business. Knowing the difference can help you become a better leader and business owner.

First lets look at the definition:

Effective (adj.): adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result: effective teaching methods; effective steps toward peace.

Efficient (adj.): accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort: The assembly line increased industry’s efficiency.

This quote by Peter Drucker, helped me remember the difference.


Efficiency is doing things right;

As a leader you have a lot of mountains to move on a daily basis. Don’t focus on how to move the mountain, focus instead on the goal. You want to move the right mountain at the right time. When you make your to – do list, make a cognizant effort to focus on the steps that move you closer to your business goals.

Remember to stay focused and keep your eye and actions on the prize!

Kayla Calloway Testimonial for IMTCVA
Want to learn a new skill that is in demand by employers? Internet Marketing is one the hottest and fastest growing careers for 2011-2012. Learn blogging, video marketing, SEO, website design and more.

I highly suggest you print this document out and take it with you to any seminar you attend and pass it on to anyone you know who attends seminars.

Some of the biggest names you know are totally involved in robbing you. When you read the article pay special attention to the use of “Dumbass Celebrity” endorsements and how they are used to screw you over.

Also, don’t forget to watch my “Top 20” webinar at about the sociopathic minds in the seminar industry.”


Quote by famous scammer: “If you think you can’t be scammed, I want to meet you.”


Update on my anti-scam work:

=> Two shows being shopped in Hollywood (you can volunteer here for Antion’s Army)

=> One documentary in development

=> I’m doing lots of consumer advocate TV segments

=> Have a former White House staffer teaching me the ropes of how to get the government and FTC involved and introducing me to congressional leaders. (I’m always happy for introductions to any anti-scam people you know who would like to hear about my work.)

=> I was contacted by the producer of a major network investigative show (he talked to me for almost an hour about the “Top 20 Article above”) I also pointed him directly to my main target list of scammers.

=> I’m making my main targets household names at every white collar crime organization.

=> I’ve got eyes and ears on the bad guy’s and girl’s seminars. I love getting texts from audience members when the seminar leader starts to pull one of the scams.

=> I know I’m making headway because I’ve caused the generation of refunds – even though the scammers force people to sign a gag order to get their refund the people getting the refunds run to me to tell me about it anyway.

Also, some of the dipshits are putting high security on their seminars and almost frisking you at the door. Anyway, please volunteer for Antion’s Army at At the site there is a listing of all the types of people we need from researchers, to security people to undercover investigators.

Be careful and guard your wallet. These professional level sociopaths will say anything, do anything and act anyway necessary to rob you.

Tom Antion

Consumer Advocate

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