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Social Media Marketing, Consuming vs Producing




Are you a busy entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a consultant, or an author looking to capitalize on the time you spend on social media marketing?

Dp you you want to know how to maintain a consistent brand presence on social media without wasting hours of time?

You heard a million myths about why you should or shouldn’t automate your social media and not sure what to believe.

You envision a perfect solution, one that can give you a balance between automation and engagement for your brand.

You are not alone many entrepreneurs run into these same issues.  I recommend social media automation. In this post I will cover how  automation can help you manage your social media marketing.


Social Media Automation

Establishing and executing an effective social media marketing strategy isn’t easy. You heard it all before, give your target market what they need and solve their problems. You constantly hear, send out links to relevant information, respond quickly to questions and comments and do it all while maintaining your business.


Why Automate?

You should automate some of your social media activity to make sure you are using your time effectively. With automation you will be able to focus your energy on engaging with your target audience. You can also establish a strategy for the content that you want to post. A social media automation strategy also allows you to update multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

Does this sound like you?

Do you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what content to share?

Do you log in the various social media platforms and you find yourself clicking links, scrolling through the news feed and reading blog updates?

Do you often times feel overwhelmed when you log in?

I understand that managing social media can be very time consuming and overwhelmimg. But, with a strategy you can begin to manage your time more effectively. Constantly stressing out over what content to post or share takes away from the time you should be engaging with your audience. Automating your social media accounts can help you streamline your marketing efforts.


Remember: Social media is all about establishing a relationship with people that are interested in you and your business. So engagement should be a priority when you log in.


Content is everywhere! As an entrepreneur it is your goal to manage the flow and distribute content that you think your audience will be interested in.


There is an abundance of content floating around on social media and sometimes we as entrepreneurs get sucked in the mix with no strategy and no time which is a combination for disaster. By automating your content you are taking the stress out of trying to figure out what you want to produce. Automation involves scheduling content ahead of time so it can be delivered to your audience.

 Social Media Circle of Life

1. You must consume content so that you can stay current in your industry

2. You must engage so that you can bring awareness to your brand

3. You must produce so that you can become the go to expert with in your community.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the constantly consuming trap. They never set time aside to engage and when it is time to produce they have no idea what to say. It is real easy to log in and never talk to anybody. Have you ever been guilty of reading blogs, clicking links  and browsing but never actually engaging? if you answered yes,  a balanced strategy can help you can stay focus when you log in.


You can automate

  • Links to your blog posts
  • Quotes/ Motivation
  • Questions
  • Links to content


Plan of Attack!


When you log in  for your social media session decide if you are there to consume or produce.

Let me explain the difference:

Consuming Content is clicking on links, reading blog posts, and reading status updates.

Producing content is sharing content that either you produced or somebody in your industry.


If you decide you are logging in to consume great! Set the timer and click away. While you are consuming all the great information written by your peers take note of any useful information you come across that can benefit your audience.  If you decide you are logging in to produce content send out a link to your blog and share interesting information published by others.

This is where automation can help. The tools I use are and

Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses that helps busy entrepreneurs streamline their workflow. Hootesuite gives you the  ability to schedule updates to multiple social media platforms. I use Hootsuite to schedule motivational quotes, questions, and links to my blog posts. Also, if something needs to be sent out at a specific time during the day I use Hootsuite. allows you to share content that you find online to multiple social media platforms. Buffer is great if you find a article or blog post that you would like to share with your community you can add that to your Buffer account. Buffer picks the best times to send out your content, so make sure anything that you want to share via Buffer is content that is evergreen and not something with time restrictions.

Once you set up your Hootsuite and Buffer the time you spend consuming can be use to produce content. Once you fill up your Hootsuite and Buffer with content you can now focus on engagement. Engagement is the key to forming a relationship with your community.

Do you plan on using social media automation for your business?








Author Platform


The process of marketing a book online can be overwhelming to many authors.
Some authors run to social media without a strategy and end up disappointed with the results.  Social media is all about forming relationships with like-minded people, and forming meaningful relationships takes time.

If you want to become a successful author you should start building your author platform now. Your author platform is a loyal community of people that are eager to support you and your brand. Currently, the most effective way to build an author platform is through social media.

A strong author platform can help you increase your readership and create a buzz for your brand.

Social media makes it possible for unknown authors to publicize their books at a low cost and become successful.
Even if you still want to pursue the traditional way of publishing, you should still be aware that publishers have strict budgets and wont spend money on promoting an author that has no following.
Social media is not a quick fix marketing technique, a successful author platform is built from being consistent and relevant in your niche. To build your author platform you need:

A Clear Target Audience

You should define who you want to reach with your book. Once you narrow down on who you are writing for everything will start to make sense. Instead of saying your book is for anybody that reads, I recommend that you get specific so that you can target the right group of people. Once you find your target market you should study their habits.
You target audience will give you ideas for unique ways to market and promote your book. Remember you are using social media to build relationships.

Publish Original Content

Social media is always changing and you never want to put all your marketing efforts on a platform you don’t control. As an author you should adapt accordingly, but always make sure you have a blog that you update regularly. Your blog is your home base, this is where you can turn a follower into a loyal customer. By producing your own content you are able to drive traffic to your website, reach new readers and engage with your current readers.

Set Up an Email List

Find creative ways to get people on your list with your original content. Email is a great way to form a relationship and stay top of mind with your subscribers. This is also how you can let your loyal fans know what you have going on, new books, engagements, ect.  Your email list will allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Make time for Social Media

A social media strategy does not have to be complicated. I recommend planning ahead to save time and to maximize your content.  Staying consistent is important when managing social media.

Remember to give yourself time to learn new technology if social media is new to you. Social media is not going anywhere, so you should start using it to your advantage.

The four tips listed above will help you build a successful author platform. Now it is time for you to take action! Think about what you can do to reach more people. If you need ideas, look to other authors in your niche.  It is never too soon to start building your author platform. Consumers have to trust you before they buy and your platform will help you establish that trust.