Here’s a great question about article titles. Read on to discover some great tips you can use for your article titles.

Q: Can you help me with this article title? – From Fairy Tale Expectations to Real Life Beliefs for Young Women – Is it too long? Is it any good? And then what do you think about the article itself?

A: You have a good start to your title. There are a couple of tweaks that will help your article get picked up and use more often. One thing you want to do is to have your key words in the first four words of your title – so if your key word phrase was “relationship advice,” your title could be “Relationship Advice for Young Women – From Fairly Tale Expectations to Real Life Beliefs in Your Relationships.”

Don’t worry about your title being too long. On the internet, the longer the title the better for you since it gives the search engines more words to pick up. You can also use the extra length to include your key words again. Here is a simple formula for your titles — Keywords — Benefits – Keywords

At 900+ words your article is a bit long for the internet – what you could do is break it into three separate articles that could stand alone OR reduce the length of each tip. If you reduce the length of each of the tips, be sure to keep the extra info for other articles and for products such as short reports, ecourses, and ebooks.

You are on your way and I can’t wait to see what is next as you write your next articles!

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