Working in an industry that is forever changing can be a gift and curse for your brand. You know by now It is super competitive in the business world. Keeping up with current changes, news and trends in your industry can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs.

The Internet is the land of opportunity, for entrepreneurs. It is also the land of distractions and shiny objects.

You can learn how to determine what industry changes are important for your brand with research. Being around and using your experience also helps with this process.

The purpose of this blog post is to help you discover how to identify what is good for your brand in a world where change is constant.

For example a social media manager job is to keep up with all the different social media platforms for many clients.

They have to determine what social media changes will affect the marketing goals of their clients. It is not possible to commit 100% to every shiny object and be successful. So, when evaluating the importance of news or trends the social media manager has to keep the core values core values, mission and goals of their client first.

In this post I will introduce you to 4 basic and entrepreneur friendly processes that can help your brand roll with the change.

The Internet is full of shiny objects and it is easy to get distracted with the next best thing. If you want to survive in a changing industry you must be clear and stick to your brands core values, mission and goals.
You should focus on what makes your brand special. This approach will help you weed out processes and shiny objects that are not worth your time. Staying current and in the loop will allow you to make educated decisions when evaluating your industry.

Marketing, is marketing no mater the platform and one critical step is knowing what your competitors are doing. I don’t say this so you can go out there and copy them, but you should be aware of what is or isn’t working in your industry. Being aware will help you establish your own path for the future of your brand.

Below, I list 4 Effective Ways You Can Stay Current in Any Industry Online:


Find and Follow Your Competitors on Social Media

For starters both Facebook and Twitter have an option to build various lists.

A list will allow you to group certain accounts together in one area so you can filter out distractions. You can set up a list to follow key influencers, competitors and consumers in your industry. So when you log in you have easy access to the most important industry news.
You can elect to follow competitors either publicly or privately via lists.
Social media is a great platform for keeping up with key industry leaders and the larger brands. They have the resources and money to analyze market trends and love sharing their insight.

Set Up Google Alerts

It is free and effective you can get updates on your competitors activity online. You can also add alerts for keywords in your industry. You have the option to select what is important to you such as video, blogs or forum discussions. You can have the alerts sent to your email daily, weekly or as they happen.

Become an Opt- In List Fanatic!

I recommend joining key competitors email lists so you can see their processes and current campaigns. This will help you with content ideas and approaches for your own brand.

Make a Continuous Effort to be a Student in Your Industry

I believe entrepreneurs should stay open to learning new things. Sharing what you learn will allow your community to engage and give their opinion. You can also test different mediums for sharing your own content and test what gets the most engagement. When is the last time you learned something new in your industry?

All the research and competitor analysis will not matter if during the process you loose sight of your brands core values. Focus on going out of your way to give value so you can stay top of mind with your audience.

Analyzing competitors will help you understand your target market and industry. Use some creativity and your own point of view. Try to place yourself in the consumers shoes so you can relate. If you begin to create products that are relevant to your consumers your brand will grow.

How do you keep up with changes in your industry?


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