If you ask any successful Internet marketer what their #1 most important tool is for making money, they would almost all say the ‘autoresponder.’ This is an automated email message that goes out when someone either makes a purchase or subscribes to your newsletter on your website.

So, 24/7, or even while you’re sleeping, an automated message is going out to someone if they buy something from your website without you having to send them a massage manually from you email. What’s most important to marketers is the fact that you can a have a series of pre-made messages continue to go out to that website visitor every couple of days or weeks literally for years. These messages keep your brand alive in the mind of that prospect and can help make you money over and over.   

Autoresponders can contain instructions, special coupons, additional training, marketing messages or just plain old “How are you doing, I’ve been thinking about you” emails. Again, these are all on automatic, going out to hundreds of your prospects over and over withour you having to do a thing. This gives you time to create new products or enjoy life while automatically being in touch with your database of customers.

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