Here’s a sample geek ad with commentary

Well known DC dating coach needs someone super savvy with social media, youtube, blogging, websites, writing articles, link building etc. to help promote several web sites.

Must be reliable. Some work can be done from home.

Job will pay generally about $8.00 an hour, but frequently you will get project work that if you finish it fast will up your hourly rate.

If you don’t have all the skills mentioned above, apply anyway. We may hire more than one person and we’ll train people we like.

Must have your own computer and Internet connection.


Commentary on above ad.

=> Don’t pay hourly unless they are working under your immediate control. Pay by the project

=> Adjust hourly rate to suit your location

=> This is a general ad. If you have specific needs already identified, then emphasize them and put selected other things in the ad like this:

“social media experience a plus”

=> You can also add qualifiying statements like, “if you’re in to texting all day or surfing on company time, don’t apply”

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