Article Income Questions – What is the Fastest Way to Make Money with My Articles?

Q: What’s the fastest way to create any cash once you have an article or two written?

A: I always love it when I get questions like this one because I can tell you have not bought in to the popular myth that you cannot make money with your articles.

Having said that, I would be remiss not to strongly caution you about something important to your long term success.

It’s going to take many more that just two articles to really make the kind of money and get the kind of response I think you are talking about.

It’s great that you are thinking about how to profit from your articles right here at the beginning. Just keep writing because the higher your article numbers, the higher all your other numbers will be.

One of the quickest ways to profit from your new articles is to turn them into “Action Articles.” An action article is simply one of your articles to which you have added action questions. An action question is a question designed to get your reader to begin to take action right away.

For example, “which tip from this article can you implement right away” is a good action question.

I sell action articles on my sites all day every day for seven dollars. While I will not get rich seven dollars at a time, it is still a source of quick income. Another advantage to action articles is that it is a low priced item that people will spend without much thought at all, and now they have demonstrated buying behavior.

Learn to make more money with your articles!

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