How do you get the most number of people to read your ebook?You know, that ebook with all of the links to your valuable affiliate products that bring in income 24/7? Most people try and sell every ebook they have, but for a few of your ebooks, I have a better way. One that has delivered great information to over 6500 customers now. It’s called  and it has given me the critical exposure I need to advertise my strongest affiliate products.

The most active ebook is called:How to Pick a Shopping Cart Ecommerce System That Makes You Money.”  In it, I explain all the things someone getting started selling on the web will need to have to make the most and easiest money possible. People are searching for information everyday about e-commerce systems and which ones work best. This book explains it all to them. If they choose to sign up for a 30 day free trial of KickStartCart just to check it out and they like it, I’ll make $33 a month off of them each and every month. And I have over 1000 people signed up to the cart at this time.

Just for giving away an ebook. So here’s a strategy: sell your larger ebooks that teach people a necessary skill, and give away your ebooks that promote an affiliate product. You will get so much more exposure for that ebook. And remember to give it away on Kindle as well.

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