Got $20?  Got an hour?  That’s literally all it takes to get a WordPress site up and running for your business.

It’s easier than you think when you have a step-by-step videos to follow. Ones that are up to date and relevant in today’s market. How many ideas and products can you think of that you could sell to the world if you only had the chance to create your own websites?

If you are a speaker, author, coach, consultant or ANYONE looking to do business on the web, this e-course is for you. Gone are the days of $5,000 websites (of course, you could still spend that kind of money, but why would you?). WordPress, the premier software of blogging professionals has the ability to create the easiest and most functional websites on Earth. Just for you!

You can have a branded, customizable and fun website up and running in literally minutes and be on your way to Internet success!

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