As usual I almost always do something myself before I try to teach it to someone else and this topic is no exception. I’ve had my mentor program for several years so I now have some experience to tell you about. And yes, even though this is not a physical product, it is a product.


What are the benefits to you?

· Mentor programs are a way to help more people in a cost effective manner, my consulting fee is nothing to sneeze at. This allows me to attract more participants to the program because it’s a bigger bang for the buck

· It’s an additional Revenue Stream for your business.

· You can multiply yourself. When you are on the phone with many people your knowledge is being sold at a cheaper rate, but in more volume. Similar to doing a speech with potential customers in the crowd.

· You create better results for people because you are with them over time. This in turn will create an ever expanding group of people who will promote you more enthusiastically and credibly because they actually got good results.

· A mentor program provides a group of people under your control for back end product sales — They are a more qualified and ready group for back end product sales and recommendations. (You better be darn careful not to recommend something that is junk or you will lose their loyalty.)

See first hand what a mentorship looks like!

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