FriendFeed is a great way to share articles, videos, status updates and a ton of other important information with collegues and prospects. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a bit like the Home Page updates on Facebook that you see when you login. Everyone that you subscribe to will see all of the recent activity you have done on any of 56 services that you work with.

When you send a Tweet, bookmark a site on Digg, upload a YouTube video, post a blog, or join a group on LinkedIn your subscribers will be notified in a feed stream in real time that has a link straight to the source. You can watch videos right in the FriendFeed stream and click out to blog posts. It is especially helpful in getting your bookmarks on Digg, Reddit and Delicious seen and voted on.

In one click, you can add all of your Facebook friends that have a FriendFeed account to subscribe to yours. I grabbed up 1300 followers from Tom’s Facebook friends in 5 minutes. Now, no matter what site I update for him, the FriendFeed updates automatically and all 1300 followers are notified. Used in conjunction with, you can use Ping to update all of your social sites at once, then the updates feed from each of those sites to your FriendFeed account. You can get a lot of views in short order of tons of your social marketing. Plus, you get to stay in touch with thousands of others from your FriendFeed home page.

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