Making a Kindle version of your e-book or hard cover version is a must in today’s market.

Amazon is selling 130 Kindle versions to every 100 hardcovers on their site. This is a great opportunity for you to get more sales and more exposure for your books. Kindle versions reach more people in countries where bookstores are rare, giving authors access to emerging markets and a greater reach. Kindle versions are also less expensive not only to print, but to purchase for the customer. This can save on printing costs for the author and Kindle versions are generally 30% less in price than their printed counterparts.

Customers can also purchase more books than they could in past considering the weight and space restrictions on printed books. You may never had in the past a room to store 1000 books, but with Kindle versions you can.

Check out this free service to convert any webpage text… blog feeds and webpages into an e-book or Kindle file and check out PubIt! that can turn your e-book into the file for the Barnes and Noble reader. Let’s start expanding our reach beyond anything we had in the past with these new developments in e-books!

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