So we have created all of these profiles and loaded them with content…now what? The entire idea of using social networking is to actually “network” with the other members. Through networking you can make huge strides in promoting your services. You can meet like-minded people and drive serious traffic to your websites with the links you provide for others. The new term for this that is really starting to catch on is “interactive marketing.” This describes Internet marketing that is personal in nature. You visit networks or groups where targeted people frequent and strike up a dialog with them. You can also offer advice to selected people in such a way that everyone can benefit from it and most of all, you can remember and store what people say and create promotional material bent towards that information.


• Join groups of like-minded people.

• Leave comments with a link to your resources on the group wall.

• “Like” or fan many Facebook business pages.

• Leave comments with a link to your resources on the business page wall.

• Leave comments on other people’s comments.

• Recommend friends to others that you feel may benefit from the meeting.

• Ask for feedback from your friends and fans: book titles, website ideas, business ideas, etc…

• Tag people in your photos, videos and notes.

• Offer a contest to name your book or system.

• Copy or print Instant Messages or comment threads for future reference.

• Link people to a page of your website where they can sign up for a “30 day challenge.”

Where can you find the newest tips on marketing?

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