Short Message Service (SMS) marketing consists of using text messages to either a phone, web, or mobile communication system of a potential customer. An SMS marketing campaign involves collecting mobile phone numbers by using an opt-in form. Once these numbers are collected, a service is used to send out text messages that promote a new product or service. It can also be used to offer discounts or increase brand awareness. SMS marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing. It offers low cost with high return on investment – 95% of all texts get opened within five minutes, which is faster than email and social media updates. Another major factor in SMS marketing’s favor is the fact that it gives every business one of the most important factors to marketing, a one on one conversation with their customer.

Services like EzTexting or TextSMSMarketing let you organize your contacts and send out messages.

When setting up a text message to be used for marketing, remember to use good copy and it must fit within a 160 character limit. Other good practices include staggering your messages, don’t overdo the messages. Anything above four a month can be considered too much. Every list is different and must be felt out to determine the best frequency of texts. Also, be sure to stay away from using text ‘slang’. Messages containing ‘gr8’, ‘omg’, and other terms may appear fake when coming from a business.

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