Tags help the search engines find videos as well, especially the Youtube search engine. But more than that, tags are how Youtube finds the ‘related videos’ that load up on the right hand side every time you watch a video. If you ever wondered how the related videos ended up there, the tags are used to do this.

In this regard, you don’t have to go tag crazy. There is a limit of 120 characters for tags. In general, your name or the name of your business are not good keywords to use for search engine optimization. No one is searching for your name unless they know you already. The goal of search engine placement is to attract new people to your videos using keywords. But with the tags feature in Youtube, since it is used to find related videos, putting your name in the tags could help make the related videos more of yours.

What you want to avoid is the related videos being too many of your competitors videos. You don’t want your viewers to click off of your video and on to one from your competitor.

How do you make a majority of the related videos yours? Here is a super trick we learned a couple of years ago: use a nonsense word that no one else would ever use and put it in the tags of all of your videos. The tag function will try and find all of the videos with that nonsense word and group them all together as related videos.


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