Focus on Your Readers

I read a lot of website content and I’m amazed by the words and topics that the website author use to attract traffic. Often, it has little to do with who is really coming to the site, but rather what the website author assumes people want and need. Just because you are knowledgeable about a certain topic and are effective at writing about it doesn’t mean that it’s sitting well with your visitors.

Keep a eye on your website analytics. A lot of new business owners put off looking at their website analytics. A few reasons why business owners but their website analytics on the the back burner because they assume they are not “big enough” or decide “I will wait till I start making money.” You should start monitoring your analytics from the beginning your website analytics can reveal a lot of information about your visitors and their actions on your website. Analytics also point out areas on your website that need improvements. Here are some warning signs that your content may be lacking:

• a high ‘bounce’ rate – check your website stats and see how long people are staying on the site
• no one sharing your posts
• no one commenting on your posts
• using keyword phrases that are ‘insider’ jargon
• using keyword phrases with very low monthly search numbers

How do you know who is actually visiting the site? Why are they really there?

Checking your website stats for “keyword traffic sources” will give you critical information on what people were searching for that led them to your site. It may be phrases that you didn’t think anyone was searching for. You can also use a polling application on the site to ask people “Who are you?” and “What are you interested in learning?” The visitors to your website may be there looking for information that is lacking in your content, and when they see it’s not there, they leave.

• Are you selling “make money in real estate” info for consumers, but agents are coming there instead?
• Are you writing about “retail jewelry trends” for crafters, but consumer jewelry buyers are visiting instead?
• Are you writing posts about speakers (public speakers) and getting people looking for stereo speakers instead? (true story)

Once you start using your website analytics to benefits your business you will be amazed by the results that a few simple changes can have on your traffic. Before you waste any more time writing, find out who is really coming to your website. Then offer them exactly what they were looking for.

Back to Facebook Basics: Scheduling Posts

With all the recent changes on Facebook, I wanted to get back to the basics. As a business owner it is great that you are staying current with all the changes, but you should also keep a firm grip on the older features available through the platform.

Did you know you can schedule your Facebook posts?
This is a feature that can save business owners time during throughout their busy days. Or maybe you will be traveling you can set up post to go out and not miss a beat. This is not a new Facebook feature, just a feature I think many business owners may have been over looking.

You can schedule up to six months of posts through Facebook. If your in an industry that is constantly changing six months may be a little far out, so I would recommend setting up your scheduled posts for the upcoming week. You can add links to articles, blog posts, video, or images in your scheduled posts. There are third party apps that allow you to schedule posts in advance but, Facebook rewards the pages that use their tools with a higher EdgeRank.

In the short video below I walk you through the steps so you can start scheduling your posts. Check it out and let me know how you plan on automating your Facebook Posts.


Facebook recently released the Graph Search tool to anyone that uses the social networking site in the English Language. You may be asking yourself, ‘What is Facebook Graph Search?” Basically, it is an improved search bar for Facebook. You now have the ability to perform very specific search queries within Facebook. People can get answers to questions like, what are my friends’ favorite books? Or, what pizza shops do my friends like? You can search individuals, places, and things.

Facebook Graph Search is an awesome tool that anybody selling products or services should utilize for their business efforts. In this post I will cover  how to optimize your Facebook page so your business can be prepared for the change. I will also reveal a few different ways you can use Facebook Graph Search for your business.

Do you remember when Facebook updated their news feed in September 2011? They started using an EdgeRank algorithm. EdgeRank determines what stories appear on each individual users’ news feed. If you are not familiar with EdgeRank or need an deeper explanation, check out my post, Understanding EdgeRank on Facebook. With EdgeRank the emphasis is placed on the importance of offering relevant and engaging content to your fans. Facebook has continued that same principle for the Facebook Graph Search.

Always keep in mind that Facebook favors the posts with the most engagement and in return for providing great valuable content you will rank higher in the Graph Search. The same rule also applies to your page as a whole the more fans that like your page, the higher your page will rank in the Graph Search results. Listed below are the sections in your Facebook profile that you should double check to make sure your Facebook Page is optimized.

Your Profile Page Info

The page info section is where you can edit your profile. You should make sure your contact information is correct and up to date, that includes your website addresses, physical address, and phone number.

The short description field is the text that shows up in the about section (right under your picture) of your page. This section should include important keywords and phrases that someone searching for your business would use. There are additional fields located under your page info section such as mission, company overview, description, awards, and products that you should fill out to the best of your ability. Keywords and phrases should also be used in the additional fields.

A major benefit to using the Graph Search is there are many different search query options and combinations that a consumer can enter to find what they are looking for. Facebook Graph Search allows users to ask very specific search queries like “restaurants friends have eaten” and the results will be a list of restaurants your friends frequent.

Having a completed profile will place your business page in a better position to show up in the results from any one of the the many different search query options that an consumer can search. You also want to make sure your profile communicates to the reader exactly what your business offers.

Through the Graph Search people can find different businesses based on the category, make sure you pick the category that best matches the services or products your business offers. This can drive targeted audience to your page. You want to ensure your business page can be found as easy as possible.

To view and edit your page info section you should:

1. Log into your Facebook page
2. Select “About” ( link is under your profile picture)
3. Select “Edit” next to the “About” section
4. Once your on the “Page Info” section you will see all the different fields and select “Edit” next to the section you want to update.

Now that you have optimized and updated your page now we can cover how your business can benefit from using that Graph Search. The search query options make this a useful tool that can help you connect with your target audience on a whole new level. You can use the Graph Search to explore your target market’s interests, habits, and personas in great detail. There are options to filter your search results and you can categorize your results with very specific or broad parameters.

To use the Graph Search you enter a search phrase in the top left corner of Facebook. Once you start typing you will see the new search options, in the drop down menu. In the drop down menu you will see a few options that include pages, photos, pages, my friends, and people who like. A simple search query can help you discover a lot about your target market, you can use the results to connect with your audience like never before.

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 11.07.43 AM

Here are 5 Facebook Graph Search query suggestions that you can use for your business.

These queries will reveal valuable information about your target market and your competition.

1. Search: “People who like YOUR BUSINESS and…”

After the “and” you can include any other business that is on Facebook (i.e., “People who like Antion and Associates and Mashable”). Instead of a business you can insert an interest such as sports or food. Personal information can also be searched like age or college graduate. Use your imagination and really dig deep to come up with different queries. Once you start it will become very addictive.

2. Search: “People who like PAGE NAME and are…”

This search query is more specific than the information that the Facebook Insights option offers. You can put an age (i.e., People who like Antion and Associates that are 42 years old”) Or you can say “older than 26 years old”

3. Search: “Groups of people who like SIMILAR INTEREST and like PAGE NAME”

This is a great query that will reveal what other hobbies and interests your target market is interested in. You can insert a sport, TV show, or activity. With the results you can tailor your status updates to the most common interest of your audience. Maybe a post about the football season it will catch your fans eye and encourage engagement on your page. Even though it may not be directly related to your industry you fan will remember how that you are also interested in the same topics.

4. Search: “People who like YOUR COMPETITORS PAGE”

The results from this query will give you an easy way to spy on your competition and their fans. Insert businesses in your industry that are well known and have a larger following than you. The results will give you the fans that are active and interested in topics surrounding your industry. You can also see what type of content gets the most engagement.

5. Search: “Groups about…”

This search query will help you find groups of people who have interests related to your business Page. You should join relevant groups so you can stay up to date on any changes or common problems in your industry. You can only join groups from your personal profile.

The Facebook Graph Search has revealed many possibilities and options that business owners can use to connect with their target market. The above list is just to get you started. Once you start uncovering usable data your imagination will take over and many more queries will come to mind. Remember on the right side of your search results are options to refine your search based on different demographics. I hope this post gives you a starting point to start  your market research.


Establishing an online presence is very important when you are working toward having a successful online business. An effective website can help your business attract the right consumer and convert them from a casual browser to a buying customer. Yes, it is true there are many businesses online but only a handful know how to engage and connect with the consumer.

Websites are supposed to be easy to naviagte and understand. In this fast paced world you have a very small window of oppurtunity to keep the consumer interested in your products or services. If your website is not user friendly the consumer will not hesitate to move on to your competitors website. As a business owner your focus should be centered around building an online community of “fans,” these are the customers that trust you, like you, and are loyal to your products or services. These customers are your number one source for word of mouth advertising. You start building these important consumer relationships by having a website that showcases your products or services professionally and accurately.

To be successful your website must implement the following 5 steps:

1. Be well designed

2. Use keywords and speak in the language of your target audience

3. Establish you as an expert and build creditbility in your chosen field

4. Collecting an email list of consumers interested in your products or services

5. Have a way to generate revenue

The instructors at IMTC teach the most current strategies to get your buiness website up and running. Your consumer does not want to think, so don’t force them to by using tricky navigation, poor design, or difficult to understand copy. Make visiting your website an exciting experience and not a confusing journey. As a business owner, if you make a concious effort to always keep the consumer in mind and think how your target market thinks you will cover each of the 5 steps easily and your online business will be on the way to success.

Visit us at to download our career brochure for free and start your journey toward being a successful online business owner.

Rundown of YouTube “One Channel” Design

You Tube announced they will be making changes to their channel layout a few months ago. It was slow roll out but every channel should be converted over to the new “One Channel” redesign. YouTube is taking advantage of content marketing and encouraging people to create engaging content to get subscribers. YouTube also wants channels to look good on all screen sizes and devices with a lot of customizable features.

YouTube is taking advantage of content marketing and encouraging people to create engaging content to get subscribers. There are a lot of benefits to the new “One Channel” design and below I will list the important changes. YouTube wants you to captivate your audience and hook viewers in the beginning of your video to keep them watching longer. By focusing on the subscriber it will force advertisers and business owners to create content that is entertaining, relevant, and engaging.

Channel Trailer

This is an introduction to your channel that will play for non –subscribers so you should explain what your channel is about so that you can convert viewers into subscribers. Your channel trailer video should be short and to the point. This is a great way to show your personality and engage with your community. As a business owner you should also have a clear call to action in your channel trailer video.

Channel Art

Channel art is great to show your unique personality on any medium. Channel art should be used to create brand awareness with the viewers. The image should 2560px by 1440px to look the best across all devices. Here are some more specific YouTube channel art guidelines in the YouTube support area.

The Guide

YouTube has added a guide on the left side of every YouTube Page. This area shows the user’s subscribed channels. This makes it easier for users to find your channel and become loyal to your brand.


By creating sections you can select which videos and playlists you want to highlight on your channels browse tab.

As with any change there are some rebels that don’t like change but ultimately they will either jump on board or not use YouTube anymore. Video is a huge marketing tool so I recommend you familiarize yourself with the platform. In general, the new channel changes looks good and it makes it easier for users to find new channels. To be successful creators must make compelling and entertaining videos to attract subscribers.

For the full rundown on the changes and how- to’s visit The YouTube Playbook here.


Why Content Marketing Works!


Content marketing is the theme for 2013. There has been a shift in the way consumers purchase products and interact with brands or businesses. The popularity of social networking took the marketing world by storm. Social networking is the reason why the marketing industry has changed.

– Consumers can see reviews, complaints, and suggestions all with a simple search or glance at their timeline.

– Consumers do not hesitate to tell friends and family about good or bad service. Word of mouth advertisement has always been huge but with social networking, telling your immediate friends and family has turned into telling your whole network.

-There are also many other businesses that target the same audience as you. That’s not a deal breaker, because if there is a demand for something that means people are buying and interested. You just need to stand out, by showcasing your personality and what makes you and your business unique. You want people to like you and trust you. If 3 people are selling the exact same chocolate bars, you have to figure out what approach will win the consumers business.

Content marketing has become a popular marketing technique because there is a lot of competition and the consumer has the ability to easily access data that can quickly influence their buying decision. As a business owner you have to set yourself apart from the crowd. Content marketing shows the consumer that you are in business to help them, you understand their needs and wants, you value any time they spend with your products or services, and you appreciate their loyalty to your brand. You are in the process of forming true relationships and not just trying to get a sale so, naturally you should say,“Thank you!” Show the consumer you appreciate them, even if they haven’t bought anything yet, they will soon.

I personally think many successful businesses have used some steps of the Content marketing approach for many years before it actually became the thing “thing to do.”

It seems like every Internet Marketer is rushing to take advantage of Content Marketing but don’t get discouraged if you don’t completely understand, I will help. It is not a new Internet trend; this is something you should get a full understanding of if you plan to be successful online. Content Marketing is a streamlined approach to a few different techniques that have been around for years.

1. Pick a niche market

2. Define your target audience

3. Start thinking like the consumer that is in the market for your products or services so you can offer solutions to their problems.

4. Use social networks to talk to and study the habits of the consumers in your target audience.

5. Find key people in your niche constantly and learn from them.

6. Offer free content to your target audience through the platform that agrees most with your product or services. Social networking, e-Books, webinars, blogs, articles, white papers, or newsletters are all platforms that you can use to reach out to your consumer.

7. Make sure all your content is conversational, engaging, and timely. Free is good but don’t just throw something together because it is free. It has to be something of value. The consumer will see right through any halfhearted attempts to offer free content that is junk or old material.

What are some of your Content marketing approaches for your online business?

Optimizing Your Tube Videos

YouTube is a great platform for videos and it can also be a very powerful marketing tool. Video marketing can establish you as an expert in your field and you have a way to share your content to consumers that prefer video.

YouTube is the second largest search engine so you want to make sure your videos reach your target market. Below I outline 3 areas that you should optimize on your YouTube videos. You worked hard on your videos now it is time to share them and get the most views. The optimizing steps below assume you already know how to upload your video to YouTube.

Optimizing YouTube Metatags:


This area is really important this is the headline of your video. When the search engines are searching for a term or keyword the title will be the first thing that the spiders on the Internet will read. Place your keywords in the beginning to make it easier to rank. The title should accurately represent the content in the video and not try to trick consumers with misleading titles to get more views. Make the title interesting and something that your target market would click through to watch. If possible use “Review” or “How to” in the title because they are popular search terms when consumers are searching YouTube.


Should represent and summarize the entire video. You should also include the keywords that you used in the title. It is not a good idea to stuff the description with keywords you may get more traffic but if they are not looking for what you are offering they will close out of the video. Your description should also include a link to your channel page, a subscription link, link to your website, and a link to your social media.


Tags also help with your video optimization. The first tag should be your primary keyword that you used in the title. The tags you decide to use should thoroughly and accurately describe the video content. You should use between 6 and 12 different keyword phrases or words as a tag.

This is just a quick overview of the metatags in YouTube that need to be optimized to get more views and traffic to your site.
Our video guy here at IMTCVA, Marc Bullard has a great YouTube channel that describes in more detail the process of optimizing your YouTube videos any anything else you want to know about YouTube for your business. Visit his current video on Uploading and Optimizing Videos on YouTube.

Understanding EdgeRank on Facebook

EdgeRank is Facebooks’ internal algorithm that determines where your posts will appear on the News Feed of fans and friends. Research concludes that only 16% of your fans are going to see your content because the algorithm flitters and prioritizes the posts your fans see and the order in which they are shown on their News Feed.
Facebook offers business owners the option to buy Facebook ads to increase traffic, but I would like to focus on achieving organic results. As a business owner you need to understand how to create and mange your Facebook posts so that you can get the most out of your social networking efforts. Correctly timed posts that engage your fans and friends will produce more Likes, Shares and Comments.
The key to getting a higher EdgeRank is to start engaging with your audience if your not doing so already, otherwise your posts will never make it to the News Feed of your fans. The different actions that users can perform on Facebook are known as an edge.

* A status update.
* Photo or video posts
* Clicking, liking, tagging, sharing, commenting and befriending people.
There are 3 variables that effect the algorithm:

Tracks your relationship and interaction with fans. The people you interact with the most increases the chance of you seeing their updates on your News Feed.

Edge Weight
Each type of action on Facebook produces a different weight or score, usually the more effort it takes to perform an action the higher the weight. Videos, photos, and links rank higher and have more weight when compared to plain text updates. Also a post with a lot of comments, likes, or shares will have an increased value.

Time Decay
According to Facebook as a post ages it will lose value and drop down in the News Feed. This feature is used to keep your News Feed fresh with recent news. Facebook also considers how frequently a user is active on Facebook when determining the EdgeRank.
How to improve Your EdgeRank Score

1. If you are marketing your brand, product, or services on Facebook you can improve your EdgeRank Score by making an continuos effort to engage with your fans. As a business owner your focus should be on creating content that inspires your fans to take action by sharing, likes, or comments.
2. You should post daily to consistently reach your fans.
3. Be conversational it is ok to not talk about business all the time but topics should relate to your industry.
4. Post when your audience is online.
As a business owner understanding the Facebook EdgeRank can help you better target and engage with your audience through a social network. Although Facebook is always making changes and updates to the algorithm you should always make it a goal to keep fresh and relevant updates in front of your fans because it can only help your business grow.



Kayla Calloway Testimonial for IMTCVA
Want to learn a new skill that is in demand by employers? Internet Marketing is one the hottest and fastest growing careers for 2011-2012. Learn blogging, video marketing, SEO, website design and more.

I highly suggest you print this document out and take it with you to any seminar you attend and pass it on to anyone you know who attends seminars.

Some of the biggest names you know are totally involved in robbing you. When you read the article pay special attention to the use of “Dumbass Celebrity” endorsements and how they are used to screw you over.

Also, don’t forget to watch my “Top 20” webinar at about the sociopathic minds in the seminar industry.”


Quote by famous scammer: “If you think you can’t be scammed, I want to meet you.”


Update on my anti-scam work:

=> Two shows being shopped in Hollywood (you can volunteer here for Antion’s Army)

=> One documentary in development

=> I’m doing lots of consumer advocate TV segments

=> Have a former White House staffer teaching me the ropes of how to get the government and FTC involved and introducing me to congressional leaders. (I’m always happy for introductions to any anti-scam people you know who would like to hear about my work.)

=> I was contacted by the producer of a major network investigative show (he talked to me for almost an hour about the “Top 20 Article above”) I also pointed him directly to my main target list of scammers.

=> I’m making my main targets household names at every white collar crime organization.

=> I’ve got eyes and ears on the bad guy’s and girl’s seminars. I love getting texts from audience members when the seminar leader starts to pull one of the scams.

=> I know I’m making headway because I’ve caused the generation of refunds – even though the scammers force people to sign a gag order to get their refund the people getting the refunds run to me to tell me about it anyway.

Also, some of the dipshits are putting high security on their seminars and almost frisking you at the door. Anyway, please volunteer for Antion’s Army at At the site there is a listing of all the types of people we need from researchers, to security people to undercover investigators.

Be careful and guard your wallet. These professional level sociopaths will say anything, do anything and act anyway necessary to rob you.

Tom Antion

Consumer Advocate

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