Technology is moving fast and has now made using audio to your
strategic marketing advantage cheap and easy.

You can have customers phone in a testimonial about your speeches
or for your products and services and have their voice up on your
website almost immediately.

Have them email you a picture of themselves to go with their
audio clip, or grab one from their website and you have an
awesome and powerful promotional tool to put on your

Last week you received a 4 minute Audio Postcard with a speaking
tip on delivering punchlines. If you missed it, turn up your
speakers and visit:

This postcard required no technical expertise whatsoever. You
don’t even have to have a website. You can just email your
prospects and customers the link to your audio tips and

Here is a sample page of testimonials from people who attended my
retreat center weekends on Internet Marketing.

You can also put an unlimited amount of audio clips of up to 30
minutes each that showcase your speeches, stories and humor.

To get this tremendous and easy to use audio technology for
yourself I’ve posted a link at one of my websites

Shopping cart system that Tom uses. You get a three-hour
orientation with Tom narrating to lead you through the basic set
up and advanced sales strategies.

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