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“The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations” by Larry Tracy

I’m amazed by Larry Tracy. Larry was an accomplished speaker before I even started. He has the uncanny ability to meet you, learn a few things about you and give a PERFECT introduction as if he’d known you for years.

Larry has endorsements from President Ronald Reagan (the great communicator), Ambassadors and hundreds of other top government, military and political figures.

His book has a very interesting section called “Murder Boards”. This is a group of people that hit you with every hard question in the book BEFORE you do your actual presentation. . . . Talk about high level preparation.

One of Larry’s jobs was to explain government policy to some of the most demanding and hostile audiences in the country. He did this over 400 times. If you do what’s in this book, I don’t believe there is anything that could shake you up on stage.

Larry gives exact details on how to deal with difficult audiences and even how to lure debaters into saying things that undermine themselves to their supporters.

I also loved Larry’s explanation of “Primacy” and “Recency”. He totally made me realize how important openings and closings are.

You can’t go wrong with this book.

Tom Antion

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