I’m always exploring interesting online ways to enhance my
business. About a month ago I started selling my “Wake ’em Up
Book” on Ebay.

It took about an hour to figure out how to do it and to download
and install the “Ebay Basic Assistant.” This is a piece of
software that helps you create and upload nice looking auctions.
It costs $4.99 per month for the software and the continual
upgrades they send. This little piece of software makes it easy
for me to upload the same auction over and over again in about 60

Now I’m sure you’re wondering why Tom Antion, — Mr. Big Shot
Speaker Dude, — would be fooling around with Ebay. The reason is
that I understand the lifetime value of a customer. I’ve been
putting up two to four auctions a week in just one category. You
can go ahead and search ebay on the term “public speaking” and
see the book. When someone buys, I get a new customer that is a
very likely candidate to buy more from me once they get the book
and find out that I know what I’m talking about.

I really have to laugh sometimes. The book costs $24.95 retail
and costs me about 50 cents to advertise on Ebay. One person
bought for $23.00 in a bidding war. I couldn’t believe it.
Another person got one for $3.00 because no one else had bid. The
prices have ranged from Zero (no bids) to the $23.00 mentioned
above. The cost of acquiring these customer is extremely low and
with my overall product mix any one of them could spend thousands
of dollars.

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