I was inspired to do this video and to help people learn to write a eulogy when my father passed away in July of 2000. This video will help you write a moving eulogy for your friend or someone elses..

At the time I didn’t know where to turn for help in writing a eulogy and I didn’t know the steps to take to make sure I did a good job. I needed a good example of a eulogy speech and a sample eulogy would have really helped me out. I looked at all the free eulogy websites and they were pretty much worthless.

I considered many structures and outlines for his eulogy and I also reviewed many other eulogies before I made my decision on what I would say with my funeral speech. My dad was a veteran and a pretty tough guy so I didn’t think a eulogy poem or eulogy song would be appropriate for him.

I didn’t know how tough it was going to be. When you are writing a eulogy so many thoughts about your loved one race through your head. I concluded that I did not know how to write a eulogy and that I better come up with something fast since the funeral was the next day.

When it’s your friend, it’s not like writing a eulogy for someone you don’t really know. If that was the case you could just say sweeping generalities and follow a few steps in writing a eulogy like many of the religious leaders do. That was not going to be good enough for my dad, mother or friend! I don’t know what hit me that night in July of 2000 but I came up with a eulogy Idea that just poured out of me. I used it at my dad’s funeral and the way I did it has since been praised all over the world. Many people told me I should make a keynote speech out of it.

I never did do that, but I did vow to help others in the same situation I was in. That’s why I wrote “Instant Eulogies”. I put all the standard ways to write a nice eulogy. I put in eulogy quotes and eulogy text samples and the book gives all kinds of ideas and help on writing a eulogy.

But the most special part is the format I included for my dad’s eulogy. I actually included the entire text so you could copy the format exactly as I wrote it.

Get your Instant Eulogy Ebook right now….

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