I spent the bulk of my career (over 2000 paid presentations)
speaking 30 minutes or less. When I started doing half days and
full days for my Internet marketing seminars my voice really
started to take a beating. I tried all the breathing-from-the-
diaphragm stuff and never really got the hang of it. Then someone
told me to drink lots of water the day BEFORE my presentation.

IT WORKED! I can’t say that I’m free of voice problems when I
speak all day or for multiple days. But I’m WAY better than I was
just from drinking lots of water the day before. I start the
morning before presentation and drink water all that day and as
much as I can during the day of the presentation.

One way to tell that you are well hydrated is that your urine is
very light colored. I also stay away from carbonated beverages
the day before and the day of a speech.

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