Lying can be fun and a great learning experience too. One time I
created a program based on the Jim Carey movie “Liar, Liar.”

My job was to lie my way through the program. I designed the
program so that my lies coincided with learning points that the
sales people were already responsible for. The first person that
caught me in each lie won a prize.

I can’t really explain all the laughter that occurred, but there
was lots of it. People were jumping up out of their chairs trying
to be the first to catch me. They were running up and grabbing
the prizes out of the winners hands (good naturedly of course).
They were screaming FOUL if my lie was too close to the truth
which made it a half lie or half truth whichever way you looked
at it. It was a blast!

The method was also applauded by the sales manager who never
dreamed that all this new information could be emphasized in such
a fun manner. The sales people really came away with a great
learning experience which was far better than simply quizzing
them on the material.

I used lying in a different way during speeches I gave as an
impostor. I was introduced as some big guru from Europe and made
up a bunch of ridiculous stuff that again coincided with
information the audience should know. The difference in these
cases was that no one told the audience it was a joke. You could
just see the cogs in their heads turning as I told them things
completely opposite of what they knew to be true.

Oh, one note of caution. If you are like me and have the
imagination to get really bizarre with your comments, make sure
one gets out of the room thinking you were for real. Believe it
or not, their are people out there so gullible or oblivious that
they don’t even realize you are pulling a joke.

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