Humor issues

A presentation to very large crowds in enormous rooms or venues
such as stadiums means laughter comes in waves. The portion of
the audience right in front of you will laugh first. Then most of
the rest of the crowd will laugh. The third wave will come when
those slower to get the joke finally do, and when those who laugh
because everyone else is laughing kick in. You must allow time
for this phenomenon to occur and be ready for it so it doesn’t
ruin your timing.

Also, in large crowds you must play to the back of the room.
These people are hardest to reach.

In large crowds you can tell longer stories that you should never
attempt in very small groups.

Stage movement

There are variables here. If you are not being I-Magged
(projected on one or more big screens), your gestures and
stage movement should be much more pronounced and broad. If you
are being projected, then you don’t want to be too broad because
you will always be running out of the video frame and making it
too difficult for the videographer to follow you.

Need for assistance

If you are selling products at the back of the room, it is
imperative that you get some competent assistance. This really
hit home recently for me when I sold about 60K at the back of the
room. Even though I had offers for assistance from the sponsoring
group, they would never have known the product and been able to
concentrate on my stuff like my own assistant could. A good
assistant will be an investment NOT an expense.
Super trick of the trade:

If you’re really good, people will flock to talk to you. A good
assistant will pull you away from the crowd to handle something,
when really he/she is getting you away to give you a break.

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