I use all types of stickers and labels to help market my
business and to save money. You can use labels for all sorts
of things. I use them in the following ways:

=> To turn generic pocket folders into marketing pieces by
putting brightly colored testimonial stickers on the
outside. I pick the testimonials that are appropriate for
the client.

=> To make my packages and mailers really stand out in the
mail room, or on the desk of my client.

=> To promote my website. Just about everything leaving my
office has a bright red website sticker on it.

=> To promote me. Most client packages have a sticker that
promotes my catch phrase, “Tom Antion, a Rare Mix of
Business and Entertainment”

=> To save money. My main mailing label is printed in two
colors and has my photo on it. It is sized so that it
perfectly fits on a business envelope. This gets me out
of buying custom printed envelopes. I use the same label
for all my book shipments and just about everything that
goes out of my office.

I use the computer program “Avery Label Pro” (about 50 dollars)
for everything except my photo label. It allows me to make all
kinds of customized labels in minutes. I even used it to make a
one-of-a-kind label for a specialized audio demo tape requested
by a bureau.

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