Control your food service. Filling the prospects full of donuts and pastries
will have them snoring within an hour (you might want them groggy if you
have a lousy deal to present Ha-ha). Also, health conscious individuals will
be turned off if you don’t provide some healthy choices like bagels, veggies,
 Control your signage. When inviting large groups of prospects to your
location for a presentation, make sure they are directed exactly where to go.
Nothing will sour them more than nonexistent or confusing directions. You
may want to stage live people movers to help direct your prospects.
 Control the seating. If it is a long session that will include lots of paperwork,
you may want to include tables. Just don’t make the tables too large. You
don’t want the prospects spread out too much.
 Play music as the prospects arrive and at breaks. This makes the meeting
special and negates the deafening silence effect. Even if you are not in your
own venue, you can play the music on a tape player or boom box and put the
microphone in front of the tape player’s speaker. This will send the music
through the sound system of the room.
 Plan for fun. In most sales presentations there is room for some degree of
levity. It is up to you to plan for appropriate humor just as you plan other
parts of your sales presentations.

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