Complimentary Public Service Webinar

No Sales offer at all.

“Top 20 Seminar Scams”
(I WILL be naming some names)

Wednesday, May 2nd 8:05 PM Eastern time

You will learn:

= 21 Ways Professional Level Con People can cheat you at seminars.

= Why you should still go to seminars.

= About the Sociopath personality

= Why I’m taking a stand and why you should too.

= Where to complain

= How you can protect yourself and

= How you can help.

8:05 PM Eastern
7:05 PM Central
6:05 PM Mountain
5:05 PM Pacific

Register now.

Warning: This webinar is not for crybabies who want to forgive
and forget ongoing criminal activity. If you want to bury
your head in the sand and let con men/women take advantage of
senior citizens, disabled persons, charities and trusting
professionals from all walks of life, don’t waste your time attending.

For you scammers out there, maybe you think because I’ve been laying
low that I haven’t been working behind the scenes to take you down.

When I strike, you’ll rue the day you ever stepped on a stage with
the intent to cheat someone.

I’ll talk to you all at 8:05 TONIGHT May 2nd.

Tom Antion

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