More and more speakers are getting smart and realizing that
selling their products leads to more speaking engagements.
are also realizing that bundling products together allows them to
get a much higher sale per person and it also means that the
speaker can gain revenue from sources that would never hire that
speaker to speak.

This article is going to focus on a very specific way to sell
larger ticket or bundles of products either to consumers or to
small companies AND automate it on the Web.

All of you hot shot corporate speakers out there that pooh, pooh
this idea because you’re used to selling big packages at full
price to corporations better take heed if you want to keep your
overall revenues up in the face of corporate belt tightening.

There is an enormous additional revenue source out there just
waiting to be tapped if you take your knowledge and package it in
a fashion that is both affordable and relevant to small companies
or individuals.


=> You advertise your product bundle on the web with a good long
copy page.

=> You put an exit pop up box on the page that only pops up if
the person does NOT click the order button.

=> The pop up box contains compelling copy to allow you to
finance the purchase.

=> You set your shopping cart to take the original down payment
and to automatically bill the credit card in regular payments to
complete the purchase. If your shopping cart won’t do this, then
I ask you why not? Mine can and it can do lots more other cool
things too

=> You spend all the extra money you made FROM PEOPLE WHO WERE
LEAVING YOUR SITE. This is an important point. The person who
took advantage of this had already decided NOT to purchase and
you converted him/her to a sale.

If you want to see this in action, visit  Look around and then
leave the page. You’ll see the exact technique I’m talking about.
I got an additional $697.00 sale on only the 17th person who had
decided not to buy.
oh by the way. While you are looking around go ahead and purchase
the video while you are there 🙂

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