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Tom Antion’s Mentee Websites

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Tom Antion

Tom Antion: Mentee Websites

Look at all the websites that Tom Antion’s http://www.GreatInternetMarketingTrai… program has built for his mentees! This is just a small sampling of the great businesses that Tom has helped create and these mentees even learned to maintain these websites for themselves, eliminating the costly need for web designers.

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Tom Antion: Blog Squad Testimonial

This dynamic duo teach business blogging and they’re great at it. Check out their free offers at
Check out my mentor program at

Pitching Bloggers: 15 Rules to Obey

Creating BR (blogger relations) instead of PR is practically a new profession, as more publicity buzz gets started by prominent bloggers. Publicists trying to get media attention for a new product, book or service are now pitching bloggers in addition to journalists and the press.

But pitching bloggers is vastly different from traditional press relations. New rules apply. If you pitch a blogger the wrong way, you could get written up and publicly slammed by the blogger for everyone on the Internet to see. So how do you go about getting a publicity explosion without it blowing up in your face? Here are a few “do’s” and “don’ts” for getting good blog attention.

1. Don’t leave your pitch in the comments of a blog post. Send a personal email. Leave comments on blog posts, but only to participate in the conversation, not to pitch or talk about you and your products, services or book.

2. Do target your pitch to the interests and niche covered by the blogger. There’s nothing a blogger hates more than receiving pitches completely unrelated to their subject.

3. Don’t send a mass mailing press release.

4. Do personalize any pitch or press release with the blogger’s name, spelled correctly of course.

5. Don’t ask for links. Invite the blogger to review your material. They’ll do the rest if they think your pitch is right for their audience.

6. Do develop a relationship with bloggers by reading and commenting on their blogs before you ever pitch them. Subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll stay current on blog posts.

7. Know who else is talking about you. Research your area of expertise through blog searches on,, and Google alerts.

8. Offer valuable content. Don’t announce your product, book, or services as if they were the greatest thing to be created. Instead tell the blogger how you can solve a problem for their readers. Then mention the book, product or service.

9. Build relationships. Do this over the course of a couple of weeks by participating in the conversations on the bloggers’ blogs.

10. Have your own blog to show bloggers you “get it.” And use trackbacks so they know you’re commenting about them at your own blog before you pitch them. (Trackbacks are an automated blogging feature that notifies a blog when another blog talks about them.)

11. Don’t waste bloggers’ time on something that isn’t relevant to their blog.

12. Don’t use crude language or four-letter words. We see this in a lot in blogs written by professionals who would never dream of using this same language in their clients’ offices.

13. Remember that anything you say to a blogger might be seen by journalists because many journalists read blogs on topics they cover.

14. Certainly, never chastise a blogger for not accepting comments at their blog. Contact them by email if you have comments, feedback or praise about their content.

15. Don’t point out typos at a blogger’s blog. When we find our own typos, we sometimes don’t bother correcting them, because it would go out into the RSS feed again.

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    Tom Antion: It’s A Love/Hate Thing



     Extremes of opinion make a much greater impact on an audience
    than taking a middle of the road stance in an effort to please
    everyone. I’ve done over 2700 paid presentations and more no fee
    talks than I care to remember. The one big thing I have learned
    over the years is that the people that try to please everyone,
    rarely move anyone to action.

    I’m not saying to go out and try to offend people. I’m saying to
    take a stance and be clear about it. Here’s an example: I have no
    problem saying in most presentations that I “hate” politics. I
    think to be good at politics by definition you have to be two
    faced. To be great at politics you have to be four faced. You
    simply can’t win an important election by clearly being in favor
    or against an issue because you have to please both sides as much
    as you can to win.

    You might ask, “Tom how would you keep from being stoned off the
    platform at a political rally?” My answer would be that I can’t
    imagine being hard up enough to accept a speech at a political
    rally. You have to be able to say no when the audience is on the
    opposite side of the fence from your value system. . . Of course,
    if the money was good enough . . . hahahahaha just kidding.

    What if the mayor was at one of my events? I would make sure I
    knew about it and just keep my mouth shut about politics. I would
    consider it stepping over the line to make it a point to
    embarrass or single out someone at an event. In most cases you
    are better off avoiding controversial topics like politics

    OK I just talked about a topic to the negative. Now let’s switch
    to the positive. Audiences want to know what you really like. I
    might say I “love” my new recumbent bicycle. Since Tom is
    single I can get out on my bike and lose myself in the smell of
    fresh cut fields on a deserted country road. I could go on and on
    about how much I “love” my bike. I don’t just say I enjoy
    bicycling. I really let them know what I’m passionate about.

    Use extremes of language and you will impact the audience much
    more than by riding that bike down the middle of the road.

    Learn To Make A Fortune Being A Public Speaker!

    Tom Antion: “Best Of” Products

    “Best Of” products are really easy to produce because the really hard work of creating the individual products in the first place has already been done. You simply repackage the work.

    I’m in the process right now of creating several “Best Of” products. The first one I’m creating comes from all the work I’ve done over the past 4 years publishing “Great Speaking” Ezine. I’ll get at least five new products out of this. Each product will be based on one of the regular four sections of the ezine and the fifth product will be a package deal with all the sections included.

    Here are the products I’ll get from “Great Speaking”:

    The Best of “Great Speaking” Quick Tips
    The Best of “Great Speaking” Advanced Tips
    The Best of “Great Speaking” Humor Tips
    The Best of “Great Speaking” Marketing Tips
    Get em all for one special price!
    I’ll get even more products from the many audio tapes I have.

    I haven’t even figured out all the combinations I can do yet, but here is a brief stab at it:

    The Best of Tom Antion’s Media Marketing
    The Best of Tom Antion’s Speaking Tips
    The Best of Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing Tips
    and it can go on and on.

    Then I can make the best of my Ebooks, CDs etc. This could go on all next year if I wanted it to.

    The idea here falls back into my regular product strategy. Keep producing products that sell on their own and then bundle them together in different ways to keep them alive and fresh and cranking income for you.

    Get More Great Internet Marketing Tips Right Here!