Tom Antion Testimonial from Amy Reineri
Amy Reineri explains how Tom Antion’s ebook
The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” helped her


Paul Glen tells how Tom Antion’s Ultimate Guide helped him become a better public speaker.
Michelle explains how Tom Antion’s Ultimate Guide has helped her speaking career.
Speaker Corinne Gregory talks about how Tom Antion’s Utimate Guide gave her great money making tips.

Tom Antion Testimonial from Sharon Sayler

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The first semester at IMTC will be open any day now for online enrollment! Now is the time to make that career change or improve your skills for your current employer.

We are so excited to finally be ready for enrollment. There has been so much planning, labor and hard work gone into IMTC already and we have just begun. We can’t wait to get you started!

Feel free to call us at 757-687-5190 or send an email to:

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Tom Antion – Motivational Speaking

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Tom Antion – Shooting a New Video For IMTC

Tom flew to California to shoot a new video for his Internet Marketing Training Center at the Leading Experts Production Studio owned by Jeff Hockings. We are all looking forward to his getting back with the new video. This will be an exciting addition to the other great productions he has made at Leading Experts. Check out one of Tom’s other videos and the great quality you get with Jeff.

Got Kids? Get Internet Marketing Training!

I am so excited that today I was working on my iphone while I was in the carpool line picking up my kids.  That was AWESOME!  Could it get anymore convenient than that?

Why do stay home parents want to come to the Internet Marketing Training Center?

Your Own Business
We don’t preach any get rich quick stuff at IMTC. We teach you how to build solid, low risk / high return web properties . . . we call them “Virtual Real Estate” . . . and you don’t even have to take out a mortgage! You will learn techniques that can give you a great cash flow so you aren’t always worrying about money and bills and how you’re going to buy that new fancy car or boat. PLUS, having lots of these low cost websites can create a great security for you and your family. Money can be coming in while you are vacationing or when you run into some of those nasty life issues like sickness, injury or unexpected expenses. We teach students how to work once . . . and get paid over and over and over.


That is why I can be at the kids school right now working. It is so convenient these days with technology to work from ANYWHERE. 

Flexible schedule
When you get the skills that IMTC teaches you can often do Internet work part-time for other small businesses, while still keeping the stability and income of your current career. As your Internet income increases, it will be your choice if you want go full time on the Internet. This will allow you to use your Internet education as a way to legitimately work from home . . . or really . . . anywhere in the world so you never have to waste your life fighting traffic to commute to that dreaded J-O-B.

Come check out the website and get more information to start your career from the comfort of your home

One way to increase your rankings in Google is to use short videos on your website. You may be surprised to discover that you can create short videos even if you don’t have a video camera. Using Camtasia, a screen capture video capture software, you can record anything you can put on your screen and can narrate over top of it from a microphone or from your speakers.

After you capture your presentation, you can revise it by cutting and/or pasting in various segments. In addition, you can overlay your voice, as well as sound effects or music, onto the presentation. Camtasia allows you to record audio while screen-capturing a demonstration so you can narrate the presentation while it is in progress. However, many presenters prefer to wait until they have completed the screen capture, and then record the voice-over from a script as they play back the screen capture.

Camtasia also allows the video stream to be exported to common video formats such as MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 which can be read by most computers, even if the Camtasia software is not installed.

More great internet marketing tips are just a click away…

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