Tom Antion: Asides

In the theater, an “aside” is something said to the audience that is not to be heard by the other actors. If the aside was delivered on a television sitcom, the actor would look right at the camera and talk to the viewers at home instead of talking to the other actors.

To a public speaker it means a temporary departure from the main theme or topic. If you get good at this technique, the audience will think you are a genius. The way it works is that you begin telling a story or delivering information on a certain topic. Then you go off on a tangent (aside) indirectly related to the main theme. When you have finished the aside, you pick up the main theme where you left off and keep right on going.

The audience may think you are lost or confused when you first leave the original topic, but when you return to the main line after the aside, they realize you are in total control. This is very impressive.

Great storytellers are able to take you down several auxiliary paths, but still move you along the main path from beginning to conclusion. I tell a story about some medical work I had done where the doctor said to me, “This will just pinch a little bit. ” This phrase sends me down a whole different path talking about how my dentist had said the same thing and then pushed the Novacaine needle up into my brain, twisted it around, and pulled it out. I then came back to the main line of the medical story until I got to the word gauze. This word sets off another tangential story about my mother ripping gauze off me. Then it is back to the main line again.

You can alert the audience of an upcoming aside by saying the word “incidentally” before you veer off the main path. Another good technique is to go to a different part of the stage when you do the aside. Get good at asides and you will add a new dimension to the way you tell your funny stories or deliver information.

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Tom Antion: Speaking Again In L.A.

Tom will be speaking in L.A. next weekend for Craig Duswalt’s “Rockstar” event:
When: March 19, 20, and 21, 2010
Friday, March 19, 2010 : 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday, March 20, 2010 : 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday, March 21, 2010 : 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Renaissance Hotel — Los Angeles Airport 9620 Airport Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90045
Guests include:
Barbara DeAngeles
Tom Antion
Brendon Burchard
James Malinchak
amd special guests:
Glenn Morshower
Eddie Money
Join Tom and all the guests next weekend!

Tom Antion: Making Traffic Driving Videos

Just watch a bunch of my short videos on You don’t need to watch my long ones. Just the short ones. It will give you ideas.

Here’s a simple formula for YouTube videos designed to drive people to your site (as opposed to videos where people are already on your site)

=> Hi I’m [insert name]

=> I know you’re here looking for information on [insert keyword]

=> Well you’ve come to the right place.

=> Add some of your credibility. Example: I’ve been working in the field of feng shui for 22 years…

=> Give them a tip.

=> For more great tips like this visit [insert your website and spell it out if necessary] where you can download [insert your freebie here]

=> I hope to see you at my site


You can be a lousy presenter and still be great. By lousy, I mean
that technically you do everything wrong. You look terrible. Your
grammar and diction stink and you might have dandruff. Do not
think for a moment that I want you to be these terrible things.
In fact, I sell videos teaching you NOT to be pitiful technically
when you present. What I want you to see is the bigger picture.

If you give really great information that is targeted to the
needs of the audience, and you do the things that build rapport,
you can still hit a home run. Again, do not think I am not giving
you an excuse to forget about getting better technically as a
speaker. I am just saying that if your information is lousy it
does not make much difference how smooth you are as a presenter.
Yes, there are some people that slide by because they are
entertaining, but substance and helping people come first. Think,
immediately usable information. Yes, they may need a long term
plan, but if you give people something usable and and action plan
that they can get excited about you will have done half your job.

Half my job? . . . Yes, the other half is to build rapport with
the attendees. This does not necessarily mean that they like you.
This means you have done what is necessary to make sure they
trust in what you have to say and they feel you care about them.

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Tom Antion: Speaking In Los Angeles!

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Author101 University

March 5-6 in Los Angeles

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Tom Antion: Audience Dynamics

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Tom Antion: Go Early

I recently spoke to about 450 people at Mark Joyner’s Survival
Tactics Marketing Seminar. I spoke on the last day after many
fine speakers had gone before me.

My tip here is to listen to all the speakers before you whenever
you can. That way you can either refer back to what they said or
avoid duplicating things they said which would reflect poorly on

In this case I was also able to pick out things from the other
speakers and play off them.

EXAMPLE: Superstar speaker Ted Nicholas said that advances in
health care and longevity would soon allow people to live to be
120 years old. He said he was going to throw a $10,000.00 seminar
on his 120th birthday.

I came on and said that not only was I going to throw a
$10,000.00 seminar on my 120th birthday, but that I was going to
give the audience members a big discount if they gave me a
deposit today. — Everyone cracked up.

So go early when you can and pay attention to the other speakers.

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Tom Antion: Put Out…. The Easy Way

In an effort to keep at least one of my feet imbedded deeply in my own mouth I told a lady in one of my seminars that she just needed to “Put Out” if she wanted to get more business.

NOW WAIT A MINUTE . . . Before you start sending me hate mail like that goof ball a couple weeks ago, let me explain. I was trying to tell her that instead of guarding everything she had ever created that she should give it away and more business would come to her.

Here’s how it works: You may remember that a little over a month ago I “put out” a FREE 7 Day mini course on Electronic Marketing. (If you missed it, you can still take it by sending a blank email to ) About 1200 people signed up for it in the first couple days. At the end of the first week I took in about $7000.00 in sales from my FREE minicourse.

You might ask, “Tom, was it a scam? Was it just a giant sales letter?” No it was not a scam, and the answer to the second question is yes AND no. It was a perfectly legitimate and credible marketing technique. . . . It’s not new either. It’s called “Give before you get.”

I gave good information that people need to know so that they can both thrive in E Marketing and also so they don’t get taken by people selling them poor services. There is nothing wrong with educating people about the benefits of your service. There was no hard sales pitch at all. Once the people who took the course realized that there was quite a bit they needed to know, they made the decision to purchase the information.

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Tom Antion: Be A Little Phony On The Phone

“Wow! Your phone message is just too happy!” “You’ve got way too much energy.” “How do you stay so upbeat?” These are just some of the comments I get about my voice mail message and my technique for answering the phone. Many times I answer personally and the person on the other end of the line starts to leave a message. They think I’m the voice mail. Hahaha I tell them I answer that way so if I don*t like them I can say “beep” and hang up.

You can’t catch me answering the phone poorly. If I feel bad, I still answer the phone in an upbeat manner which sometimes knocks me out of my bad mood. If I feel so bad that I just can’t rise to the occasion, then I DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE. It’s all part of walking your talk, or I guess in this case you would call it “talking your talk.” If I profess to be able to create excitement in the client’s organization and I can*t even do it in my own, I’ve lost a considerable amount of credibility. My interns aren’t even allowed to answer the phone until they can absolutely prove that they won’t hurt my reputation of being upbeat and exciting.

Listen to your own voice mail message. Is it as enthusiastic as it could be? Does it convey the personality you are selling to the client? How about the way you answer the phone? Would you be proud if I called you and critiqued your technique?

You can sell a ton of products and services just because of the way you act on the telephone. Be a little phony if you’re not feeling great, but push yourself toward enthusiasm. Potential clients don’t want to hire a dud.

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