How Integrity Will Ensure Long Term Success in the Speaking and Training Industry

Kickoff Interview #6 – Tuesday August 9th 5pm PST / 8pm EST

During this candid interview you’ll learn:

• The real insider scoop on the state of the speaking and training industry

• What to watch out for and what not to do (Top 20 Seminar Scams)

• What’s our responsibility as speakers, trainers, thought leaders, and agents of change

• How we can ensure long term sustainability in the industry

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Anyone who is familiar with me knows how many paid presentations I have done. Over 3300 to date. I’m not really bragging, because I know you may have a ton of speeches under your belt as well. But I will make a point here. Most speakers record their presentations because it’s a great way to learn to be a better presenter. Watching yourself back on tape during a speech is a great learning tool. But what are you doing with that old footage?

The hours and hours of tape you have could be working for you right now driving a ton of search engine traffic to your speaker websites. It could be ranking you high in search engine results and giving you access to new clients. Most importantly of all, it could be showing off your expertise and branding your speaker business, getting a jump on your competition.

I’m talking about turning that old footage into online video for Youtube, Facebook and dozens of other places that come up high in search ranks and show your speaking skills off to the world. Over 70% of people now actively watch online video to get their information. It’s quicker than reading, can be watched on their mobile devices and is far more exciting and dynamic than text-based information alone. Videos can make profitable conversions faster and easier than an article or copy (and that includes testimonials) for speakers because a video shows you in action. A couple of recorded seminars can equal hundreds of short videos when edited down.

Find yourself someone who can help you convert those old recordings and start making big money re-purposing the footage. You’ll be glad you did!

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Does this sound like you?

You can’t understand why the business reporter at your local newspaper has quoted your competitor in five separate stories but hasn’t called you once.

Your company sends out more than two dozen news releases every year about new employees and promotions, but they result in little more than a few lines of type.

The 12-page speech your boss wrote when he spoke at the local Rotary Club luncheon would have made an excellent column for the local business magazine. But after you mailed it to the editor, you never heard a word.

If your attempts at media coverage have fallen flat, quit grumbling and start taking a proactive approach to free publicity by identifying interesting, compelling story ideas the media need. Yes, NEED. Newspapers, magazines and trade publications have hundreds of thousands of column inches to fill. TV and radio stations have hundreds of hours of news and community interest programs they must broadcast. The number of media outlets is greater than ever, and competition is fierce for advertising dollars, viewers and subscribers. The secret to savvy media relations is knowing exactly what they want, then giving it to them.

Find out how free publicity can change the way you do business!

Tom Antion Testimonial from Amy Reineri
Amy Reineri explains how Tom Antion’s ebook
The Ultimate Guide To Professional Speaking” helped her
Michelle explains how Tom Antion’s Ultimate Guide has helped her speaking career.

Tom Antion – Motivational Speaking

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Tom Antion: Tips For Larger Presentations

 Control your food service. Filling the prospects full of donuts and pastries
will have them snoring within an hour (you might want them groggy if you
have a lousy deal to present Ha-ha). Also, health conscious individuals will
be turned off if you don’t provide some healthy choices like bagels, veggies,
 Control your signage. When inviting large groups of prospects to your
location for a presentation, make sure they are directed exactly where to go.
Nothing will sour them more than nonexistent or confusing directions. You
may want to stage live people movers to help direct your prospects.
 Control the seating. If it is a long session that will include lots of paperwork,
you may want to include tables. Just don’t make the tables too large. You
don’t want the prospects spread out too much.
 Play music as the prospects arrive and at breaks. This makes the meeting
special and negates the deafening silence effect. Even if you are not in your
own venue, you can play the music on a tape player or boom box and put the
microphone in front of the tape player’s speaker. This will send the music
through the sound system of the room.
 Plan for fun. In most sales presentations there is room for some degree of
levity. It is up to you to plan for appropriate humor just as you plan other
parts of your sales presentations.

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Tom Antion: Public Speaking Success $5.00 30 Trial with over 250 public and professional speaking videos. When a great speaker is on stage it looks easy. There are lots of things
you need to know before you get on the same stage to give your

Tom Antion: Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Event

I’ll be speaking at Craig Duswalt’s Rockstar Event on Sept. 23 – 27 in Los Angeles. Join me there!

Craig Duswalt was Axl Rose’s personal manager and toured with Guns N’ Roses for four years during the massive Use Your Illusion World Tour in the early 1990’s. Craig also toured with the Australian pop band,  Air Supply on six World Tours.

Craig was a Creative Director at a Los Angeles Advertising Agency, and owner of his own advertising agency. Clients included, Baskin Robbins,
Los Angeles Dodgers, ESPN, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Disney, Speedo, Buena Vista Home Video, Newhall Land, ITT Industries, City of Burbank, just to name a few.

Craig’s RockStar Marketing BootCamp combines both careers into one very exciting and very effective system to help entrepreneurs and small businesses brand themselves correctly, and market their businesses using outside-the-box marketing techniques and strategies used by ROCKSTARS all over the world for very little money, so they grow beyond their wildest dreams and live the life they’ve always wanted.

Tom Antion: Public Speaking Perks

When you become a top public speaker, you get opportunities to visit and experience historic and highly interesting places around the world. In this video, Tom visited the original site where the opening to The Andy Griffith Show was filmed not once, but twice. The 1960 version was in black and white and the 1965 version was in color.

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