Tom Antion: Using Signature Files

A Better Way to Use the Signature File Function

People ask me all the time how I get so much done. My answer is always the same. “I learn to make the computer do the work for me.” Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to get the reputation that I’m a techie because I’m not. I just learn the bare minimum necessary to get my job done.

Many of the tools that you probably already have on your computer are very powerful if you would only learn how to use them. Today we are going to talk about one specific email automation feature that I’m virtually sure you already have that can enormously increase your productivity.

Signature Files Most email programs have a function that allows you to add your name, address, phone number, email address, website, brief advertisement, etc. to the end of your emails. You can either set it to add the information automatically or you can add the information manually. It’s normally your choice. This block of information is called a “Signature file” or “Sig file” for short.

Here’s a sample of one of mine:

Get your free Subscription to Great Speaking Ezine =========================================== New Speaker Video

Tom Antion Communications

“A Rare Mix of Business and Entertainment”

Keynotes/Seminars and Advanced Presentation Skills

Voice 1-757-431-1366 Fax 1-757-431-2050 Box 9558, Virginia Beach, VA 23450

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Tom Antion: Another Retreat This Weekend

It’s that time again! Another busy week ahead getting ready for an Immersion Weekend at the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center. Who is coming this time?

* Susan Lanza

* Dave Jensen

* Donna Blevins

* Gregory Weitzel

* Zari Alipour

These folks are coming together to learn financial independence and to learn the techniques to market their businesses on the Internet.  Here’s to their success!

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Tom Antion: Make ‘Em The Stars

If you make the audience the stars, they will make you the star by giving you higher evaluations and buying more of your ideas, products and services. Here are a few ways to do it:

=> Get them on stage with you. I find an excuse in virtually every presentation to have one or many people up there with me.

=> Mention their individual names, or subgroups during the program. Praise their accomplishments and mention the good ideas you got from them in your pre program research.

=> Put quotations of the audience members in the handouts. . . . again you could have easily gleaned quotes during your pre program research.

=> Put quotations and ideas of the audience members in custom visuals (overheads, slides and computer generated images). I do custom quote overheads with my company name on them at the bottom. After using it in the presentation, I give it to the person who gave me the information. I’ve seen these pinned up on the recipients bulletin board long after my presentation.

=> Give out awards. Find out who the unsung heros are and make up an award to present during your presentation.

=> Give out prizes for people who participate in a positive way.

Want to be more professional in the way you approach each speaking engagement? Do at least two of the above items every time you speak. . . . Raise the bar and make them the stars. (Ref: Wake em Up Business Presentations)

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Tom Antion: Specific Copywriting Techniques


Don’t write that your Success Wand for doctors has made many doctors more successful in life and in business.

Write: 97% of the doctors who use the Success Wand twice a week report their income has gone up by at least 32 percent.

Instead of writing, “We have over 1000 satisfied customers” write “We have 1119 satisfied customers in 18 countries.”

Make your testimonials specific too. Don’t use a testimonial that says, “Tom was really liked by our salespeople.” Use one that has specific results like this one, “After Tom’s seminar on Creative Use of Email our sales force contacted 37 % more people in 18 % less time which resulted in 12 contracts we would have never landed. — Now that’s productivity.”

Be specific in your copy and watch your sales soar.

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Tom Antion: 5 Tips For Getting Better Recordings

· Record in a room with lots of clutter (this is perfect for me hahaha). This reduces echoes and harsh sounding sound.

· Unplug your phones so they don’t ring in the middle of your recording (although you can go back to your last sentence and record over the ringing using your Sound Forge software)

· Turn off your air conditioner/heater. The background noise may be heard on your recording.

· If you have lots of street noises you may want to record in your basement or at a time when there is the least traffic.

· Some people get a long cord for their microphone and sit in the doorway to their closet. Talking toward the hanging clothes makes a really good dead space with no echoes.

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Tom Antion: “Best Of” Products

“Best Of” products are really easy to produce because the really hard work of creating the individual products in the first place has already been done. You simply repackage the work.

I’m in the process right now of creating several “Best Of” products. The first one I’m creating comes from all the work I’ve done over the past 4 years publishing “Great Speaking” Ezine. I’ll get at least five new products out of this. Each product will be based on one of the regular four sections of the ezine and the fifth product will be a package deal with all the sections included.

Here are the products I’ll get from “Great Speaking”:

The Best of “Great Speaking” Quick Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Advanced Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Humor Tips
The Best of “Great Speaking” Marketing Tips
Get em all for one special price!
I’ll get even more products from the many audio tapes I have.

I haven’t even figured out all the combinations I can do yet, but here is a brief stab at it:

The Best of Tom Antion’s Media Marketing
The Best of Tom Antion’s Speaking Tips
The Best of Tom Antion’s Internet Marketing Tips
and it can go on and on.

Then I can make the best of my Ebooks, CDs etc. This could go on all next year if I wanted it to.

The idea here falls back into my regular product strategy. Keep producing products that sell on their own and then bundle them together in different ways to keep them alive and fresh and cranking income for you.

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