Michelle explains how Tom Antion’s Ultimate Guide has helped her speaking career.

Tom Antion: Motivational Speaking

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Tom Antion

Tom Antion: Tennis For The Gravity Challenged

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This site has one purpose. To teach tennis tactics so you can make your opponent run like crazy and suck air so bad that you win easy points and the match.

You don’t have to be a fatso like me to use this site. The techniques taught here will work for anyone of any age.
But if you are overweight and out of shape, mastering what you learn here will help you to crush the people that are holding their own with you now and allow you to beat people who you normally can’t beat.

The DVD is coming soon and you do NOT want to miss it! Visit the site to see the trailer.

Tom Antion: Storytelling Tips

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Tom Antion: eBay Auction Software

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Tom Antion: Article Keywords


One of the most important techniques you can do to get search engine positioning with your articles is to make sure you do your keyword research and include them properly in your articles. What keyword research? Go to and put in a keyword suggestion about your business and service. You will get results on additional keyword phrases and the number of daily searches on Google. Use these keyword phrases as titles of your articles.

Article marketing sites also let you add “tags.” Tags are keywords or keyword phrases that you can use to help the search engines find your article. Also, push keywords and phrases closer to the beginning of your articles. The first sentence and paragraph beginnings should contain your keywords. Search engines look for keywords as fast as possible from the top of a webpage to the bottom. Posting keywords as close as possible to the top of a page or paragraph will help.

Take Your Business To The Next Level!


I ran across two really awesome training tools and I put them
into use immediately for fun and profit. I’m taking about
moving screen capture devices. One is called Lotus Screen
Cam which I’ll save for another day and the other is called

I decided I was going to create a few videos (I’m talking
computer screen videos here) of the types of things I do on
my website and with this Ezine and with the search engines etc.
I downloaded the free 30 day trial version of Camtasia and
started making videos of what was appearing on my computer
screen. I was also doing narration into a microphone and the
entire thing was being recorded. This only took me a few
minutes to get going. I recorded about 30 seconds and then
decided to see how large the file was because I heard that
file sizes can get out of hand with audio and video.  I had
used up 5 MEGABYTES IN 30 SECONDS  This was way too much to
be reasonable so I called up Techsmith and spoke to a very
competent gentlemen in tech support named Mark Brembeck. Mark
showed me a few tweaks to the system and we got the file sizes
down to a very reasonable 1 Megabyte per minute.

You do have to jump thru a few small hoops and download their
compression technology, but that was no big deal. You have to
download and install the player for Lotus Screen Cam (their
competitor) too.

So what does this have to do with marketing? You can easily
make CDs and videos that lead someone on a narrated tour of
your website. You can make salable products and you can get
your training message across much easier than trying to tell
people where to click. You can actually show them in the form
of a video.

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